Monday, May 24, 2010

What a year!

It's almost been a year since the infamous ultrasound and we have had quite a journey! Oh my goodness! Nich and I were talking the other day about how excited we were to be pregnant, a couple weeks later, shocked to find out HOW pregnant, a few months later to thrilled to meet them, heartbroken to lose Katelyn, such a rollercoaster of emotions during the NICU journey and all within 12 months! Within a year our family has doubled and we now have 3 home! That's enough to send anyone into shock!

The babies are 8 months old now and changing so quickly! I'm updating this from a conference in New York (THANK YOU WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!) so can't post pictures, but wanted to at least give you an update on everyone!

Brennan Nicholas - 11 lbs 6 oz

Brennan is our sweet cuddler! He is very mild mannered and definitly our sanity! Brennan was the first to roll over, but hasn't really gotten very much further. He wiggles all over and we find him doing 180's in his crib. He's never in the same place we left him! He's such a good baby! His eyes are doing a lot better, and he's gaining more control every day! When we lay all the babies down to play and kiss them, Brennan's the one always smiling when he hear's you starting because he can't wait for his turn!

Landon James - 15 lbs 4 oz

It is soo good to have Landon home!! We're seeing such great progess with him hearing and responding to us! I know he can see! His eyes get big when you step in front of him and he turns toward us when we're talking. It seems like he's looking right in your eyes! He's very mild mannered just like Brennan and has been so patient with us! He requires a lot more care than the others, but we're getting a schedule down! Lately he's been breathing hard and fast since he got the cold that everyone else has had. Thankfully it hasn't turned into anything more! We've just increased his breathing treatments. He's taking about 40-50cc of his food by bottle and the other 50-60 goes in his Gtube. He's been eating a lot more by bottle and is really focused while he eats - doing a great job! He's responding to Brennan, Brooklyn and Hailey touching him so much and it's such a sweet moment to see. I love watching them interact with eachother!

Brooklyn Danielle - 11 lbs 5 oz

Brooklyn is still our sweet little spitfire! She's got a set a lungs, but they quiet down into a sweet goofy little girl! When you get her to smile, her whole face turns into this goofy grin! She's rolling over too and showing a little more strength and determination than Brennan. She's on her tummy just moments after laying her down (diaper changes are hard now!) and up on her elbows looking all over! She loves to look out and watch things. She'll cuddle as long as she can see the world too!

They're all doing so well! It's a lot of work, but so fun! They're playing now, talking, squirming - turning into old babies! Hailey's doing really well with them too! She picks out their clothes and helps give baths (she does their body and I do their head). A really sweet big sister! More to come, I'm just SO proud of myself to get this update out! :)


melanie:::adorkable said...

thanks for the update, Jen. I've been continually praying and thinking of you and the fam. :)

I only wish we lived closer so we could come help you out more. Although...this summer we'll be at somerset beach, so we'll have to stop out now and again!

The Denby's said...

"Proud" as you should be for all the paths your family has taken this past 12 +/- months! We continue to be in awe of you all. Our prayers continue and don't ever think that we don't think of sweet Katelyn at least once a day: She will always be a part of who your family is. God Bless!

Britt said...

Wow - I'm so proud of you too! Have fun in NY!!!!

Nicole said...

you managed to leave your babies?
Thank you for the up date! We can see you love your babies!

jag said...

Such an amazing family! I just love to hear the updates. Miracles!

The Denby's said...

With broken speakers for over a year, I haven't been able to "hear" all your wonderful videos: Was able to last night at our daughter's...What a joy and on their 8 month B-day made our day complete!

Laura said...

Yes, it has been quite a year hasn't it. Were your quads "natural" in the fact that you had no invitro or other help? and are any of them identical? Heavenly Father has certainly blessed you and kept watch over your family.