Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day with Landon & Ambitious Walk!

Unforunately a week late, but so worth the pictures!! Last night I had a couple minutes to myself, all the kiddos asleep and Nich at work and what did I do? I actually thought...wash bottles or blog....wash bottles or blog....and I washed bottles! Man oh man! I should've blogged...much more fun, but the dirty bottles from the day were pretty much overflowing in the sink! So here's a week long drafted post, finally getting published!

Last (last) Sunday Nich took Hailey to church, Brennan and Brooklyn were napping and Landon and I shared our lunch on the porch! I absolutely LOVE having one on one time with each one! Look at my stud! :)

He was just eating up the fresh air and sounds!

Landon & Mommy!

The set up! Gotta love timed pictures!

Once Nich & Hailey got home, we ventured out for a family walk! Wow, we had no idea what we were in for, but the day was beautiful and we wanted to take advantage of it! We visited Hailey's friend about a mile away, but then had to come home! Ended up being 3 mile walk up and down a huge hill. We traded off who pushed the stroller and pulled Hailey. Everyone loved it! We were wiped out when we got home, but loved the fresh air and exercise!


Britt said...

Love the pic of them all in the stroller!! Soo cute!!

The Denby's said...

This continues to be such a wonderful story of Faith...
God Bless

The Denby's said...

and now you're all being tested beyond all belief. We are so sorry but all we can do is be here if you need anything and continue praying.
Later with Love to all thru Christ.

The Denby's said...

Jen & Nich,
Just as we've told your parents, we are here almost 24/7 if you need someone to talk to: especially thru the nights or when one of you is off to work, errands, etc. Don't be afraid to wake us - we're retired & can sleep whenever we need. Realize you have the largest support family EVER but there just could come a time that you can't get anyone else...we're here for you both and we can listen [not talk] if that's what you need. Joe will never be forgotten, even by those like us who barely knew him and are actually new to the family fold. God loves you and so do we!