Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Potato Explosion

It's so fun now that the babies can eat baby food! They're having a ton of fun too! We haven't found anything they don't like yet, which makes it so easy! Hailey wasn't very picky either...they definitely don't get that from me!

The bowl, two spoons, keys to distract Brooke from grabbing the spoon! They share a 4 oz jar, but always finish it!

We love the new bouncer and use it all the time! So here's Brooklyn and Brennan after finishing their sweet potatoes. What a mess!! They really did eat some of it - promise! :)

Brennan's face was the cleanest but unfortunately he discovered his feet mid-dinner! Definitely bath time after this!

Sweet and curious as can be! Brooklyn covered in sweet potatoes! She even had it in her eye lashes! We have to give her a toy to play with while she eats so she doesn't grab the spoon after every bite! She's got quite a grip too!

After they got all cleaned up, big sister helped give Brooke her bottle! She was thrilled!! When Nich got home, she was trying so hard to tell him she fed Brooke all by herself, but she was so excited it took a good couple minutes to get it out! :) She is an amazing big sister!


Angie B said...

aww so cute!

Britt said...

I love that Hailey is feeding them now! That's great!! She'll be such a big help! I miss her again already!