Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Multiples Pictures

When any of them are playing together, I can't resist taking pictures! Here's some of our favorite ones in the past couple days!

They do fit! Brooklyn was taking a bath and I was holding Brennan who was just itching to get in the tub, so...we did it! They were so cute!

Brennan just chillin!

Brooklyn wasn't too keen on Brennan invading her space! Would you expect anything else?!

Warning - the next picture is soooo cool! A friend Kelly sent this to us after using it with her triplets. I couldn't even imagine a triple bouncer, but it is amazing! Hailey helped me put it together tonight and was such a great helper!

I'm a little obsessed - I think this is the neatest thing ever and it's homemade out of PVC pipe! Even equipped with a toy bar! How ingenious?! We just need to get some more of the hanging toys!

This will make it so easy to feed, play, keep an eye on all of them! A huge thank you to Kelly!!


Suzy said...

I am amazed by the bouncer!! Wish I'd had that type of thing for my kids! And how cute are the tub pics ... never even occurred to me to try that. Fun memories!

Nicole said...

Brooklyn looks soooo much like her big sister! amazing!

Heather Maverick said...

My cousin is having triplets! Are there any instructions for making the PVC bouncer, please?

Jennie said...

Heather, it was gifted to us and we passed it on several years ago. I found a few instructions for making a baby swing on Pinterest you might be able to adapt! Ours was made out of small PVC pipes and the seat wiped clean easily. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Congrats to your cousin!

Cindy Downs said...

We had the twins version of this when our 20 year old sons were infants, it even had the same easy to clean vinyl (instead of fabric) in the same gender neutral print. It was not home-made, we bought it from the company that manufactured them. I wish I remembered the name, but it was 20 years ago and I don't think they are in business any more.

I have dozens of pics of them in the seat, I'll try to upload one or two to a photo host and put the URL here.


If those don't link automatically, try copying and pasting into your browser. If that doesn't work either, I'll try to find an e-mail on your page to send them to.


Cindy Downs said...

Upon closer inspection of your photos, I see yours was indeed DIY. (I know when we bought ours in 1996, the company made singles, doubles, and triple seats, so I thought that was what your friend had.)

My nephew is having twins this spring, and since we loved ours and I can't find them for sale anywhere on the net, if I could figure out how to bend the pvc preperly into that angle, I would sure try to make one for him!