Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Landon gets his helmet!

Back in January/early February when Landon was so sick he was paralyzed and only laid on one side of his head for so long - he was so unstable that they let him do whatever he needed to do to remain stable. Slowly he started to move his head side to side, and we had to try to only give him stimulation on his left side. Now he doesn't show much preference and moves his head all on his own but his head is still flat (Plagiocephaly). We've let it go for a couple weeks to see if it would reshape on its own, but didn't have much luck. It was changing, but not very fast so we decided to get a cranial helmet. Here's pictures of the crew at the doctor's!

So handsome! He's so excited to get his helmet!! :)

Brennan couldn't care less - slept through the entire appointment!

Man oh man! Brooklyn having so much fun!

Here's my little baby with his helmet! For the next 3 days he has to wear it for a couple hours at a time to help him get used to it. Then after Thursday, wearing it for 23 hours per day! It should take between 3-6 months to reshape his head. After that, it won't do much good. We'll see how he does! So far he's still getting used to it - it's tough for him to get comfortable so we're experimenting different positions and propping him up so it's more comfortable. He's so cute!


The Denby's said...

So wonderful...I wait daily for the NEXT great news.
God Bless you all!

Britt said...

Your kids are just sooo cute!!! I loved that Nich & the babies came to see me at work the other day!!

Kristen said...

Jennie - a baby I used to nanny wore one of these and he did great! His was a Doc band... not sure if there are a variety out there or not. But after a short time he was completely used to it. He had it for 6 months and just got it off at the beginning of the summer. His head is now the perfect shape so they really do work!

Rebecca said...

i love his chubby little cheeks!

Mary said...

Love the new helmet. The kids are getting so big and of course as adorable as ever. Thinking about you guys all the time and sending extra prayers your way at the 1 year mark approaches. If you need to chat I am here. I had panic attacks as our Angels 1 year anniversary approached last year, this year is a little easier. But my almost 4 year old starts school on Maddies 2 year Angelversary so I am sure I will have a mommy melt down.


Mary :)