Thursday, August 19, 2010

New glasses and New bed!

No, not for the same kid! :) Brooklyn got her glasses today and Hailey got a new bed set!!

Brookyln's the first of the bunch to get her glasses! Her prescription is -13.5, super near sighted! She did a pretty good job keeping them on but it's so hard when she's playing - she likes to suck on the nose piece! She was rolling around with them on and it didn't come off, so I guess that's good. She doesn't mind them when she's being held either. I really don't think they fit and that might be part of the goofy-lookingness. Brennan and Landon get their prescriptions next month so they'll all have them! What a sight! :)

My coworker needed to get rid of her bunk bed set because her kids were getting too old for it. It was perfect for us!! Hailey's using it until the babies are ready and she LOVES it!! We had a couple helpers tonight and we were able to get her room all switched around, cleaned and organized. She helped and kept asking when she could mop her floor! She loves to clean and organize - I hope that never goes away!


Rebecca said...

brooklyn looks so cute in her glasses. and hailey's new bed set is so fun. what cuties!

Britt said...

WOW!!! I love it all!! I can't wait to come over next time! I just know Hailey will love to show off her new room!! And Brooklyn is sooo cute!!!!

Josh said...

Wow Brooke... you look so cute! i Love the glasses! they make you look very smart and sophisticated:) not that you weren't before...:)
And Hailey, I absolutely love your new bed and room decor! your room looks much bigger and very clean:) keep it that way, it will help mommy and daddy a little more peaceful:)
love you guys and miss you lots! hugs and kisses from the Latocki's

Jessica said...

Very cute bed and love the glasses, hope she keeps them on for you! My oldest has had glasses since she was an infant and it was so much work keeping them on and in one piece but after a month or two she never tried to take them off again.

Kimberly said...

I have that exact bunk bed for my big boys! But of course being the boys they are they broke the bottom bed frame by jumping from the top to the bottom. But sure had a lot of fun doing it! haha