Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney at the Park

Yesterday was Disney at the Falls at a local park and we were so excited to take Hailey! I really miss doing fun things with her, but it's so hard to do with both of us working and the babies' demanding schedule! We ventured out about 7 last night and Hailey had the time of her life! Her friend Ella met us there and the two of them were unstoppable! :)

This picture turned out blury, but I like it! The fast paced, best friend kind of fun! :)

I just love Hailey's smile here! There was some pretty off looking Disney characters, but she didn't notice and was just as excited to meet them and get her picture taken! She had just gotten done hugging Minnie!

Daddy and the babies got in on the fun too! We took the double stroller and a backpack carrier for the third, which alternated between Brennan & Brooklyn. Landon came home being too big for it!
Winnie the Pooh! They gave him high-fives so hard it knocked his head off! Notice the white strings on his shirt holding is head on! :) We got a kick out of the costumes, but the kids didn't even notice!
Ok so Cinderella came out of the tunnel and I hadn't even seen her yet, but Hailey gasped! "Mommy! Mommy! Cinderella's here!" She was so shy but so warmed up quickly to her beloved princesses. It was really cute, as we were driving home (before all the festivites had ended) Hailey asked where they were going to sleep tonight, are they going all the way back to their castles? SO cute!!

I love this video of Hailey! We were doing the Mickey Mouse march around the ampitheater with all the characters and she was just cracking up! Apparently she gets giddy when she's super excited!! It was a lot of work, but so worth it! Just to see the awe and joy on her face was incredible! I can't wait do more things like this!


Beth said...

It looks like Hailey had so much fun! I know how hard it is, feeling like your older child isn't getting all they used to now that you are so busy with the babies. It will get a little easier and it looks like you are doing such a great job with all of the kids!
Glad you all enjoyed a family night out!

Angie B said...

aww soo fun!!

Britt said...

Love it!!! She is just soooo adorable!! You make the cutest kids!!!