Monday, January 3, 2011

Heading Home!!!

You read that right!! After 7 days in the hospital this boy if jumping ship and feeling much better! He ended up skipping moderate care (our luck would have it the 2 others from PICU moved, but Landon's bed was taken by the evening) so we waited one more day in ICU (3.5 total) and moved right up to general yesterday evening! As hard has it has been to be here and see him so sick, we have been so supported and in feel like we're in the right place! Since he's been here a total of 4 residents, 2 interns, 4 Respiratory Therapists and a slew of nurses have taken care of him this week and also knew him from the NICU!! Talk about being excellent care! We also saw 4 former surgeons, 2 dietary people and 2 security guards that we knew from the last stay! WOW! The Pollak babies are kinda famous at U of M! :) The RT he had yesterday took care of him the day he was born and did a double take! The medical team at UM know our kids inside and out and that feels so reassuring! It was nice to see familiar faces :)


Angie B said...

thats great news and awesome so many people know you guys!

Mommato2miracles said...

Rejoicing with you as you head home! And I agree it is so nice to have familiar faces taking care of the kiddos. Glad you have that comfort