Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Landon's firsts!

Just home from the hospital and he hits the ground running! Today Landon got his first hair cut - his first REAL one, the neurosurgeons saved his hair when he they shaved his head for the shunt :). I started the haircut because I do Hailey's, but quickly realized I have no idea how to cut boys hair! Nich finished his new do and he looks quite handsome!



Landon also got his first tooth today! We've been waiting for his bottom since his gum is pretty much transparent there, but he shocked us and has a top middle one! Couldn't get a decent picture that didn't look weird :)

Next first - he laughed!! He's getting his voice back! It's faint and probably 1/2 way though this video, but so cute!

He's making so much progress and we're so proud of him! He is on his own schedule and we just remember that when we get discouraged. He seems to just get by day to day, then all of a sudden has a development explosion! And to think, he was supposed to be a blind, deaf vegetable! He just melts my heart! God is sooooo good!


jag said...

Oh, melt my heart Mr. Landon! You are the most precious guy! Perfect end to my day:)

Angie B said...

aww hehe little giggles :)

Britt said...

That is just sooo absolutely wonderful!!!!

Rebecca said...

what a great post...and super cute video!

Ashley said...

Hey Jennie! I just wanted to let you know I am passing on a blog award to you! :) Check it out :) Hope you can participate! :)