Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brennan's Surgery Update

So WAY behind blogging! I actually uploaded my pictures from my camera tonight and had ones on there from January 27! WOW! Now that they're on my computer, hopefully that'll motivate me a little more to get them out to you!

So Brennan had his eye surgery to fix the Strabismus on Monday. Landon was supposed to have the same surgery right after Brennan but a few days before we found out he had pneumonia...never goes according to plan! Here's before and after pictures! His eyes constantly raced but now looking at these pictures, I realized how bad his eyes were.
The after picture isn't very good but I really wanted to get a picture of him tonight! He did so good! The nurses said he didn't cry at all and willingly went with anesthesia! That made it much easier on us! :) It was a 45 minute outpatient procedure and we met him back in the recovery room right after he had woken up. His eyes were actually bleeding and it made it really hard for me to look at him and feed him (I had to feed him a bottle to show he could keep food down) because I was looking at his bloody face. He is so strong! We was a little whiny the ride home and that evening, but he was playing when he got home like nothing was wrong! The surgeon said it'll probably be 8-12 weeks until we know the final result of how his eyes took to the surgery, but he looks great so far! He opened his eyes at least midway and can focus on things! It was so cool to watch him really see things! This was the best surgery ever, no complications and we saw immediate results! God is so good! Our next round of surgeries are March 23 - Brennan & Brooke will get tubes, Brennan will be circumcised and have his other boy surgery. Landon has to wait 6 weeks from his pneumonia diagnosis so probably not until early-mid April. Keep us in your prayers!


Rebecca said...

he's so so cute! so glad the surgery went well! think of you all often!

Angie B said...

yay! praying!