Monday, March 14, 2011

Katelyn's Sunset Picture

Taking a bit of a break from all the sickness in our family, I have been waiting very impatiently for Katelyn's name to written in the sand at Christian's Beach in Australia and it was done and posted on Sunday! Please click here to see our angel's name.

Carly lost her son Christian in 2008, born stillborn and she has created such a ministry in his name. She write angel's names in the sun and photographs it with the beautiful Australian sunset. The website only has open waiting list at certain days and I've been waiting for almost 16 months to catch the site open and last Saturday it was! I was so excited that I quickly registered Katelyn's name then when I checked her place on the waiting list it hit me. My daughter died and her name is on a list of all other angel babies. It really caught me off guard and it was so hard to see her name in print and know that it'll never be on a report card, wedding invitation, her name is stuck back on September 27, 2009 5am. I talked with the grief group that Hailey and I go to and ironically many others had also dealt with seeing their loved ones names on a list. There was just something about the finality of her death, even though I know it happened, that was a clear reminder. It is comforting knowing this photo isn't just photo-shopped...Carly took time to remember my daughter's brief stay on this earth. She celebrated Katelyn's life with us, if even for a second.

Carly does such beautiful work, seeing this picture just brings a sense of peace. How beautiful is her view of the sunsets! How awesome just hanging out in the glory of the Lord! Her photos bring a glimpse of that beauty and awe, and it's an incredible reminder to me where Katelyn is. I'm sure she is basking in the warmth and beauty of His love and that's what I think of every time I see the sunsets. Their website has a quote "At the end of the day, all the children of heaven come together to paint the colors of the sunset." Thank you God for giving us a glimpse of Your beauty with my angel's name on it!


KG said...

You are so strong Jennie! I think about you and your family all the time. Thoughts and prayers are with you.