Friday, March 25, 2011

Brennan's (hopefully) last surgeries!

So last Wednesday Brennan had his hopefully last surgeries! He had tubes in his ears, circumcision and orchiopexy. (Check out the link for what orchiopexy not used to having boys!!) He was first case so we had to be there at 6:30am to register for a 7:30am surgeries. So thankful for Kellie for coming over at 5am so we could leave and got Hailey on the bus and Brooklyn to daycare! :) All went well - tubes were first because they took about 5minutes. There was fluid behind his eardrum so the tubes will help drain the fluid and prevent future ear infections - the boy has had them once a month since at least November! Next was Urology's turn and they were doing exploratory surgery to find his other bean (knew he had one, but was on a search for the other). They didn't find it, just the blood vessels that should be attached to it so removed them (leaving them in could put him at a high risk of cancer when he's older). This was actually the best case scenario (not for him!) since if they did find it they'd have to remove it and move it to where it's supposed to be. They also found plastic (?!?). Yep, that's what the surgeon said! We have no idea how it would've gotten there and even if we really really heard him right. They were sending the piece to pathology to learn more, but weird! We should know more in a week. Brennan was such a trooper! He was really sore and so confused about what had just happened when he woke up that we spent a little extra time in the recovery room. In about 45min he was back to himself, riding in the stroller with Landon and eating everything in sight! No easing back into his appetite! The only bad news...he can't jump for 3 weeks! Brennan lives to jump! He can't be in a saucer, jumper or any wrestling with Landon! :) He's doing LOTS of tummy time and working on standing/sitting - lots of therapy homework that doesn't involve jumping!

Brooke & Landon are recovering well from their pneumonia and should be on the surgery docket for early-mid May, since they have to wait 6 weeks from diagnosis. After having Brennan go through each of these procedures, I think God knew what he was doing rescheduling them so we wouldn't have such sore babies! :) So thankful for all your prayers for all of them! I can't wait for them to be healthy and we can just play and enjoy them! We're so comfortable with UM and hospital settings, but ready for a break!