Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 hospital admits

So let me start by saying this was STARTED on Monday!!! Having 2 babies in the hospital is so much work! Especially when one of them is Brooklyn :)

As scheduled, Nich and I brought Landon & Brooklyn to UM for their surgeries. Brooklyn was just getting ear tubes placed while Landon was getting eye muscle tightening (like Brennan for Strabisimus), ear tubes and circumcision. We got there about 6:30am, MUCH to early for the babies and got ready in pre-op. Both were prepped and ready to go at the same time but Landon went back first. Brooke was next case so waited behind a bit. We played like crazy and tried to keep her entertained as we waited. ** Side note - God has given us such peace about surgeries, that we kind of view them as "just another procedure" and don't worry about them. Our main worry was Landon's recovery. Pulmonary doc's ordered that Landon stay one night for
observation and here's where it starts to unravel.....(Landon's surgeries went great by the way!!)

Brooke got her sleepy medicine and was really loopy (and hilarious by the way!) so when it was her turn, we handed her off to the nurse anesthetist and off she went! We headed up to the Family Surgery waiting room to enjoy our very expensive, insurance paid for date! We weren't even up there for 10 minutes and got a call that the docs wanted to see us about Brooke. We got down there and she had o2 blow-by. She progressively got worse and ended up admitted on 3 liters nasal cannula. Thankfully both babies were in the same room which made it easier on me and we got a room all to ourselves! Both of them needed oxygen and breathing treatments. Landon started out needing more but then Brooke got worse just as he started getting better. They have bronchiolitis (from a virus) so it just has to run its course. Landon really surprised us and was able to come home on Thursday!! Brooke is still at UM and making improvements. She has a harder time oxygenating when she's sleeping and today has been on .5 liters o2 during the day and even was off for 4 hours (!!) but she needs 3-5 liters during the night. Here's pics of our crew! Pray she gets better fast!! :)

Landon hanging out! He knows the whole hospital routine :)

Feeling better, ready to go home!!

She kept breathing through her mouth so they had to put the cannula in her mouth. Creative!

Brooklyn not as thrilled...she stands at the edge and shakes the crib until you get her out to play! She's definitely not liking being confined in the crib and attached to the wall.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad they're getting better after surgery! I have the same attitude toward surgery, just something else to do (okay, maybe if they ever had major surgery I'd be a bit less blase about it all). But my attitude must work, Gabrielle had double hernia surgery last December, and didn't even want me when she woke up, ate popsicles afterward, and cried when it was time to leave.

Mommato2miracles said...

oh my goodness! Sending lots of prayers your way. Praying Brooke recuperates quickly and that no one else gets the bronchiolitis