Tuesday, May 3, 2011

March of Dimes 2011

What a fantastic day!! The weather was beautiful and we had so many family and friends supporting our family today!

Team LifeWays/Pollak Family! Look at all those blue shirts!

Hailey cutting the opening ribbon with the Mayor!

We were so honored to be the Ambassador Family for the Jackson County Chapter! We had the chance to share our story and show the importance of March of Dimes research. Our kids wouldn't be here without prayer and the advances March of Dimes has been able to make. Our kids have had most of the preemie complications and thanks to history, the doctors anticipated what may happen (and generally DID happen) and knew how to treat them, right at the onset. Incredible! Thanks for all your support, whether you walked, donated or were with us in spirit!


Britt said...

The pictures won't go bigger... I want to see them bigger!