Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play yard...our new best friend!

Let me start by saying the babies LOVE being outside but keeping them in one place without them eating grass or dirt is so tricky! My parents had bought us a couple play yards and we broke them out this week! So nice!! While Hailey was at day care & Landon was sleeping, Brennan & Brooke got some fresh air!

The set up

Think he's enjoying himself?! He's the happiest baby I know!

Brooke was bouncing between toys and talking like crazy! She's getting so big!

Hopefully this video works, but they are jabbering up a storm! We LOVE being (contained) outside and enjoying the nice weather! Can't wait for the weekend...there's sun in sight! :)


Suzy said...

Oh, my goodness ... their hair is getting so long! And Brooke and Brennan look so much alike ... are they identical? LOL!!!