Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God gave us you

I know it's been so long since I've updated the blog and honestly have been overwhelmed at how far behind I am and haven't had the umph to start until last night...Hailey was so incredible with Landon I actually couldn't wait to share!!!

Hailey and I like to read the book God Gave Us You (click here if you haven't read it!!) and it shows children just how special they are in God's eyes and in their parents. She always loves that God gave her to us - to Nich & I, not anyone else. Last night she was stalling going to bed after Brooke & Brennan were already down and asked if she could help take care of Landon before he goes to bed. (Sigh, she SHOULD be going to bed first, but how cute of her to ask!:) Made my mama heart melt!) She helped clean his g-tube site and actually put the gauze pads around it by herself. She helped give him is breathing treatments (pushed down the inhaler while I held it to his face). She helped push the meds through the syringe and was very careful to go slow. And she primed his feeding pump! She WANTED to do it!

Posing giving him is meds :)

Priming the pump

Landon & Hailey have always had a different relationship...he can't play the way Brennan and Brooke can yet she always makes time for him. She tickles him, feeds him (yep she's given him a carrot stick to lick!), plays with him while he gets his diaper changed and pats his tummy to calm him down when he's throwing a fit. It just made my whole heart smile, and I realized the same about Landon and each of the other babies. God gave us them. How many other 5 year olds would take time out of playing to take care of Landon like she does?! She knows about oxygen, feeding pumps, developmental delays, therapy, surgery, ambulance rides and doesn't shy away from them. God gave Hailey them just as much as he gave them to us. He knew what he was doing when he picked this big sister for these babies!


Mary said...

That was beautiful, what a great big sister those babies have!!

Angie B said...

love precious.

jag said...

What a wonderful blessing she is - they all are! I'm certain she learned to be kind from her very sweet mama:)

Rebecca said...

aww...that is just precious and beautiful!

Britt said...

Awww that's soo wonderful! Hailey is a great big sister!!!