Friday, August 21, 2009

4 Big Babies!

We had the second half of our anatomy ultrasound yesterday, continuing to measure and find each of their tiny parts. Each baby measured right on target, actually well above target for weight! The boys are 10 oz and girls are 9 oz, which puts them in the 90th percentile for single babies! The perinatologist told us they most likely won't keep this up, but they have a great start! Each baby looks great and they were all showing off quite a bit this time! Here's the much awaited pics!

All 4! Babies A & B are boys on top and C & D are girls on the bottom row.

Baby A - just chillin! When they were scanning him, they saw 4 feet right on top of his head! This little guy is really squished, but keeping up with everyone else!

Sweet baby boy B! The placenta is the fluffy looking stuff right above his face. Keep this little guy especially in your prayers. Yesterday they saw air pockets, little systs around the part of his brain that makes the fluids. They said this is a sign of an extra chromosome, but he doesn't have any of the other signs. These babies are usually much smaller than the others, and he was actually the biggest! The doctor considered it a normal variance and not anything to worry about. We're praying he continues to keep up with everyone else and these go away. We have another ultrasound in 4 weeks and they'll take another look then.

Baby B laughing! We actually saw his mouth opening and closing!

Baby C, she wasn't up for many pictures.

Baby Girl D - this one was twisting and moving all around!

We absolutely love ultrasound time! For 2 hours we just watch in awe as we get a glimpse inside and can see their personalities. They also measured my cervix - it was 3.6 cm. Last ultrasound, 3 weeks ago it was 3.9, so a little smaller but longer than the norm. It was a long, long day so I rested on the couch for the entire evening, not really doing much. We saw the dietitian yesterday at 1, got blood drawn at 2:15, then ultrasound at 2:30. Way to much for one day! Got a good report from the dietitian too - I've gained 28 lbs total! 6 lbs since last Thursday! That's what bed rest will do for ya! :)

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! God is so good!


Mom/Nanny said...

Thank you for posting these so quick. It is absolutely amazing what God is doing inside you. I am absolutely in love!!!

Jennie said...

I just wanted to get the pic's up! :) I've updated it since!

mel::: said...

I've been praying each day as I take my walk--and what great things God is already doing! How exciting! I can hardly believe how wonderfully they are doing--and you too!

Love you!

MelissaB said...

amazing! what good news to hear they are happy and healthy! :) keep it up Jen!

Britt said...

Jennie- it is amazing!!