Monday, August 17, 2009

Officially on bed rest...

You might get sick of my blog now!! :) Today the highlight of my day was that I clipped and painted my toenails! Not sure how much longer I'll be able to reach them - actually have to tell you I did one foot at a time with 15 minute break in between to stretch back out! I've emailed, read, watched TV, ate a lot and took a nap. I'm going to have to come up with a schedule to pass my 12 weeks of bed rest. Got a couple projects lined up. The doctor said I need to be resting with my feet up, luckily that'll help the weight pile on easier. :) The babies are supposed to be doubling and in size over the next couple weeks so I will need all the energy and comfort I can get.

On a different note, this miraculous pregnancy has really strengthened by relationship with God, daily I put my faith in Him and trust He's got these babies in His hands. On Sunday we sang a song, "from this moment on, for the rest of my days I want to offer up my life as a sacrifice of praise." That could never be more true. God has truly blessed us with 4 healthy babies and I want our life and our family to be a testament to His awesomeness! The doctors are saying this is the healthiest set of quadruplets they've seen yet, and I'm not surprised. God has a plan for these little guys and daily, no matter how exhausted and stressed we may get, I want to remember these are 4 little miracles He's entrusted us with.

When Nich gets home I'll take an 18 week picture. :)


mel::: said...

God is truly working! He reminds me daily on my walks to be praying for you and the babies and all your family will experience after their birth. All praise will go to Him!

Rebecca said...

it's definitely amazing! praying for you guys. i love that hailey shows off her belly, too. adorable!

Mom/Nanny said...

What a beautiful outlook on your life and your miracles. Remember you are a miracle too. No mom could be more proud than I am. I love you.

Britt said...

Nice shirt!! It's true - these babies are awesome!!

jag said...

Just found your site. Lots of prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Jenny said...

Found your site from Jag and I too hope you have a very uneventful quad pregnancy (if there is such a thing!) I have 2 yr old BGGB quads. Praying for you and if you ever have and questions or just wanna talk feel free to email me. (jennyhasquads at yahoo) I love getting to know new quad moms and reliving it all over again!:)
God Bless

Jenny B

Misty said...

I hope you have a very blessed pregnancy. I found your blog from Jag.
I have gggg quads that will be 3 in November! If you have any questions or need any advice, please email me anytime! the support from other quad moms saved my life!
Also, if you haven't been to (moms of supertwins) it is an amazing organiztion with lots of support.
Huge hugs & congratulations!
MOM to gggg quads

King Quads said...

I have GGGB quads that will be a year old in two weeks. You are doing great and have such a positive attitude - that makes all the difference. Keep smiling. Praying that God will keep those miracles safe inside of you until He decides they are ready to meet you face to face.

P/S I also found your site through Jag.

Jenn (jennmike925 at yahoo)