Sunday, August 23, 2009

Planning a wedding

It's true! Ever since our cousin Christine & Kurtis' wedding a couple weeks ago Hailey has been planning her wedding. Here's proof! Luckily her prince is Daddy :)

Think she's been to a lot of weddings lately?!

She has been looking at Nich & I's wedding album just about everyday. She's all dolled up with her pink princess dress, bracelets, veil and glass slippers. She's pretty insistent that she's wearing a pink dress on her wedding day and I get to wear my white dress (my wedding dress). I wouldn't be a bit surprised if everything during her wedding is pink - look out prince!

After the wedding, here's Hailey dancing at her party! (That what she calls a reception) Here's a video of her dancing to her Daddy's beat. Nich is humming the beat to a song and Hailey is dancing right with the beat. We've got a performer on our hands.


Gen McNulty said...

congrats on the quads!!

my 4some turned 3 in may .. so they are just a bit older than Hailey! It's a trip!

please feel free to contact me anytime!
Gen McNulty

Britt said...

Does Nick know you posted this?? His singing on national internet?

Mom/Nanny said...

Do children come more adorable than Hailey? I think not!!!!!