Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks so much for all of you who have blown us away with your kindness and generosity as we prepare for these babies! I think total we have seen about 150 people at showers (who are all on babysitting list when they get here! :) and we are overwhelmed with your love! Britt took pictures and posted them from a shower and I'm gonna take the easy way out - click here for Britt's post of the shower! :) If any of you have other pictures, we'd love to have a copy so we can show them just how many people helped us get ready for them, well before they were born. We are so blessed!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for these little guys! Last week, after one of my dr appointments, there was an older woman waiting for her husband to get the car, a complete stranger just making conversation. She said it looked like I was almost due and wished me good luck, I said actually I'm only 4 months with quads! After the shock and her immediate "shut up!" :), she put her hand on my shoulder and said "know I am praying for you, everyday this stranger is praying for you." I promise not to get sappy, but sometimes Nich & I are just overwhelmed by the encouragement and support we feel from each one of you! It is going to be such an incredible road ahead, and we definitely cannot do it on our own. We have a body of believers praying these miracles through - and us too!


adorkable::: said...

it's so true.

Mom/Nanny said...

At both showers I so humbled and proud at the same time to hear how loved you and Nich are among your friends and church family. You are such a blessed couple.
PTBYM (Proud To Be Your Mom) :)

Angie B said...

ditto to melanie :)

Cochran Quads said...

I nominated you for the Honest Scrap award! See my latest post for details.