Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I know a holiday behind, I did actually write most of this on Christmas Day!  

Christmas Eve we wrote Santa an email telling him our change of plans, we were planning on going home last night, but an ice storm is on the radar, so we stayed at Ronald McDonald house. Hailey was worried Santa wouldn't know where to find her, hence the email. :)

Hailey and Landon (another RMH family) making cookies for Santa Christmas Eve!  They did such a great job!

Hailey woke up bright and early Friday morning, SO excited for presents!!  Once we got downstairs, she was excited to see the gifts, but disappointed Santa wasn't there.  When we asked what was wrong, she said she really wanted to give Santa a hug!  How precious!  :)  Santa got her a couple gifts, Nich & I and her brothers and sister.  She kept asking, is this mine?  Is this mine too?  

Christmas afternoon our neighbors at the Ronald McDonald house watched Hailey as Nich and I went over to visit our other munchkins.  We got to hold all of them together again!  This time I did too! 

My new favorite pictures!!!  :)  I love that Brooklyn is wide awake contemplating something! 

Later Christmas night we took Hailey to see Princess and the Frog and she watched about a good portion of it, then it got to a creepy voodoo man and it scared her.  We snuck in to Alvin and the Chipmunks which Hailey LOVED!  It was her first time to a movie theater and she was just in awe.  We'll probably stick to animal movies for awhile, she still hasn't seen any of the Disney Princess movies becuase they all have a scary part.  So, hooray for talking animals!  I can't wait for next year's Christmas with kids all over the place!


Ben Shi said...
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Britt said...

I love that Hailey girl - she is tooo cute!! good thinking on having the Christmas Presents with you so you could be ready anywhere!

Rebecca said...

sounds like a great christmas. hailey is so cute. love the new pics of you & nich holding the babies!!

Mary said...

I love the photo of you holding all three babies!!! What a Merry Christmas!!!

The Denby's said...

A Blessed Christmas indeed!

melanie said...

so thrilled for you guys!

I gave you a little blog award, cause I think you're great!

MoDLin said...

I LOVE your new favorite picture! It's wonderful to see the babies doing so well. I look forward to reading about their arrival at home.

Angie B said...

LOVE the pics :)