Monday, April 5, 2010

Girly Girls!

Growing up I was NOT a girly girl. I think that's why I've been blessed with one! :) Here's some cute pictures of the girls!

Grandma mailed Hailey this skirt & headband for Easter - SOO adorable!

She wouldn't let me take pictures of her looking at the camera!

She would while she was holding Brooklyn! They are just so cute together!

Hailey absolutely loves being a big sister and teaching Brooklyn how to do things!

Brooklyn laughs now! We're trying so hard to get it on camera and on video, but here's our best attempt so far! I love this stage! :)

After church yesterday, we were zonked! We slept for 3 hours! Now that's a Sunday afternoon nap! Even Spice (our cat) slept with us - all the girls!


Manda said...

I love the picture of you three together. So precious!!!

The Denby's said...

Oh, so BEAUTIFUL!!! You can't imagine what this does for my heart and, yes, I feel a little guilty about it. God Bless you all.

Rebecca said...

such pretty girls!! love the pic of you girlies napping on the couch..oh-so-sweet!

Britt said...

Yes I'm with Manda - the last picture is priceless!! I also love the one of Brooklyn laughing!!!