Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hailey's hospital turn!

Man oh man! So just to add to our crazy life...Friday night Hailey broke two little bones just above her wrist. She was playing with friends at a kids play place in Chelsea, having tons of fun when she got out of her chair, tripped on her beloved green blankie and fell right on the cement floor. She cried just a little bit when it happened, they saw that her arm was wavy and that bones were out of place, called us and took her right to the U. Nich and I had just switched Brooklyn at home, he went to work and Brooke and I were just going to hang out, but instead we drove back to Ann Arbor! Thankfully we picked up a friend on the way to help with Brooklyn and trekked on in.

When we got there, she and Josh were hanging out in the ER. Hailey had told all her nurses that she was a big sister and about all her babies. She always says she has 2 brothers in the hospital, 1 sister home and 1 sister in heaven. She is so sweet!! Most people don't know how to respond. One said "Oh I'm sorry." It's ok, Hailey's getting through it, it's her way of keeping Katelyn with us and she's ok.

She had eaten a couple crackers before she fell, so they had to wait 4 hours before giving her sedation! They moved us into a bigger ER room where they were going to fix her wrist. She watched them put in her IV even though the patient support was doing a great job trying to keep her distracted. She didn't even flinch! I think the babies get their strength from her sister too! A little after 10 they started her sedation and I stayed with her until she was out. While the sedation was kicking in she got a little scared because of the side effects. It was so hard, I think harder being there with her than the babies during their complications. She wasn't in pain, but she still knew what was going on and was so strong. We read books, colored (very creatively - thanks to Brittney!) and watched movies while we waited. Annette and Josh helped take care of Brooklyn so I could focus on Hailey.

They rebroke her arm, held it upright and wrapped it with a plaster splint. The xrays looked like they were able to align her bones straight as an arrow! We'll go back next week for a real cast. Here's some pics! These are from my phone...laptop will be fixed on Tuesday! Thanks Kate!

As she was waking up. It's the only picture I could get with the splint. She wasn't crying, her eyes were just watering from the sedation.

Fully awake! That's our Hailey! :)

When she was fully awake she got her rainbow popsicle did great! By the time we were discharged, Brooklyn needed to eat again so we went up to the NICU and let Hailey visit the boys while I fed Brooke. It was a really long night, but thanks to GREAT kids and GREAT friends it was as smooth as possible! I'll take more pics of her in her isn't slowing her down at all!


Angela said...

WOW, girl! You have an amazing spirit to keep so upbeat! I'm so glad that Hailey is doing well after all of that! So glad that Landon did so well! Yay! Cute Easter pics with Bunny Ears and all!

Britt said...

That is one cheesey smile on her face at the end!! She was soo cute groggy!!

The Denby's said...

You are truly a great family...we are honored.

jag said...

Poor baby! So sorry she got hurt. That smiley pic cracked me up! What a trooper!

Rebecca said...

poor thing...she's got such a great attitude and a beautiful smile!