Sunday, April 25, 2010

March for Babies

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to help our family raise money for March of Dimes!! We were absolutely blown away! We were feeling courageous and got everyone ready for their first day at church (we had a meeting for helpers after) and were hoping to walk in the March for Babies. We left our driveway only 3 minutes late and with our sanity! Felt pretty good! :) Grandma & Grandpa met us at church and came over to hang out after. They had lots of fun with the babies!

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we didn't want to risk the babies getting sick so we headed home. We really really wanted to walk, but it was raining on and off the entire morning.

Our family (almost!) Brennan, Daddy, Landon (teddy bear), Hailey, Brooklyn and Mommy. We had the memory glass ball from Katelyn's ashes. Closest we could get to a family picture.

Brennan sporting his onesie!

Landon wore his too! He promises to be at next year's!

My work put together a team for March of Dimes and we had shirts made in honor of our babies and in memory of Katelyn. The t-shirt company donated onesies for the babies and a t-shirt for Hailey. We are so thankful, the shirts will be such a memory for us.

Here's the back - the hand prints and footprints are actual size. I can't believe how small they were! They're 7 months old now and have grown leaps and bounds! Today Brennan creeped a couple steps and rolled over from his belly to his back!!!!!! More on that tomorrow hopefully! :) Of course, we grabbed the camera but the memory card was full! By the time it was ready the excitement was already over. Nich promises to try to get a video tomorrow!


Britt said...

This is absolutely wonderful - I wish it didn't rain and you could have walked!!! If I wore t-shirts I would want one!!! Nick and I want to come see you all Friday night... Can we?

Angie B said...

that is AMAZING! I love the t-shirt!! and cute pics :)

Dan and Lauren Brancheau said...

That is awesome Jennie! I love catching up on your blog!

Dan and Lauren Brancheau said...

That is awesome! I love catching up on your blog!