Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from the Pollaks!

What a weekend! As most of you know, Hailey is a complete girly girl! She has been eye-ing her Easter dress in the closet for quite awhile (I buy their holiday clothes end of season the previous year for super cheap!) and has been so excited for Easter! Two weeks ago when she came down to visit, Easter decorations were out at Ronald McDonald and she asked why. I said because we're getting ready for Easter! "Easter?!?!" Since then she's been so excited!

We took the girls to an Easter egg hunt at a church in the area Saturday morning and Hailey had so much fun! Brooklyn did great too!

Hailey made the bean bag in the hole during bean bag toss! She's got quite the arm!

Nich and Brooklyn! What great sports!

Our little scavenger! She LOVED finding the eggs and really looked for them! They were actually sprinkled across the yard in plain sight, but she enjoyed "the hunt."

We were talking about what our plans were for the weekend and told her we would go to the Easter egg hunt and then next day go to church on Easter Sunday. I told her Easter Sunday is when we celebrate Jesus going to heaven. Being the thinker she is, she asked why we look for eggs on Easter too. I said because after Jesus died, people were looking for him but couldn't find him. Of course, "where'd he go?" I said, he went to heaven. "Oh! To make it for Katelyn!?" I just smiled and said yep, and for all of us too! That afternoon Hailey and I colored Easter pictures for the boys and she colored one for Katelyn since she couldn't come look for eggs. She wanted to go get a balloon that could carry her picture and a small Easter toy to heaven. She can't wait to get to heaven and see Jesus, Katelyn and Papa Art (Papa Heart to Hailey). What an amazing little girl she is!

After the festivities, we headed home for the night. It was so nice to be home!! Hailey & I dyed eggs and then got a little carried away and also did onesies and our underwear! She dyed everything and did a great job! She went to get her mixer because it was WAY more effective at mixing the dye before dipping! :) I'll post another picture of the finished products!

We can't forget the boys! :) Here's spiderman bunny Brennan wearing his ears!

Landon wasn't too keen on the idea either...Oh well, he's adorable!

Brennan, Brooklyn & Ann (one of Brennan's primary nurses) all sporting the ears!

More posts to come...with pictures! I got access to a laptop with internet and got all these pics uploaded! Our laptop's on the mend and should be back shortly!