Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Meals

The last couple weeks we have been doing really good about eating dinner together at the table -- thanks to Hailey! :) She won't eat in her high chair in the kitchen or family room anymore, but prefers to be right up next to the table. We've also started holding hands when we're praying before eating and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES to pray!!! We probably pause to pray about 10 times per meal. We generally sit her down first while we're getting our plates in the kitchen, meanwhile she's yelling "Sit! Sit!!" We hurry into our seats and get settled and she holds out both hands to pray. We all hold hands and either Nich or I prays, then a long pause (for Hailey to get it) and we all say "Amen!" or "Ayen!"-for Hailey. She even bows her head and closes her eyes too! How sweet! About the third or fourth time we pray, we ask her to. She rambles something then looks up at us and says "Ayen!" How did we get so lucky?!!


Melanie Marie said...

yay, Jennie! I'm glad to have this connection. And the only reason I've "showed you up" is because I have no job and no child. :) I'm hoping to be employed asap, though.