Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun-filled weekend

We've had an laid back and exciting weekend! Here are some of the cute things Hailey today this weekend. We weren't able to get pictures of anything, but you can imagine! I'll post pictures as soon as I catch them!

1) Saturday, Albion got quite a storm. The worst of it blew over house, but we heard downtown got it pretty hard so after the rain we went out to "gawk." We'd been driving quite awhile when it started to rain again. Hailey apparently didn't like the sound and tried to cover her ears. All she could do what fold them in half. We looked back and saw her smiling, with her ears folded. I tried to get my camera, but of course, she stopped. We started laughing which made her laugh harder too! Goofy girl!

2) Later that night, after everything cleared, Hailey was getting cabin fever. Hailey, Nich & I went for a walk down to the nursing home in her Radio Flyer wagon. It was the first time we've gotten it out since last fall and she was SO EXCITED! Just before we got to the nursing home, she insisted that I sit in with her. Nich got his workout! He pulled both of us up and down the driveway of the nursing home. Some of the ladies that we've come to know saw us coming up and laughed right out loud! Leave it to Hailey!

3) Today after church we went shopping to spend some of our giftcards and coupons. We bought Hailey some movies, Happy Feet, Veggie Tales Jonah and Doodlebops. She LOVES the Doodlebops and this movie came with a kazoo. We put it in on the ride home and gave her the kazoo and played it the entire way home! She was singing along when Deede, Rooney and Moe were singing, then played the kazoo when they played their instruments. Hilarious!

4) After nap we started potty-training. She has been really interested for awhile. For the last 2-3 weeks she wants to hop up on the potty, but doesn't go. She just likes to flush. We bought a cheap one to keep in the family room, thinking she wouldn't feel like she had to stop playing to go. She went 3 times! We only had accidents twice, she isn't comfortable pooping in her potty yet. We let her pick out a sticker (which goes right on her belly) whenever she goes. So far its working! Wish us luck!


The Paulk's said...

YEAH for potty training...good luck, wish I had some tips for you, but I'm hoping when we get there you'll be able to give me some tips instead :)! But good for Hailey, I bet she'll be an easy trainer!

Maybe we can all get together soon? (Other than Hailey's bday party, which we're looking forward to) :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH Hailey!!!!!