Monday, June 23, 2008

HaPpY bIrThDaY hAiLeY!!!!

Sunday we celebrated Hailey's 2nd Birthday with family and friends. When she woke up she knew something was going on...She was so excited to get to wear her pretty yellow dress and see things getting ready. She was a totally different girl! :) Here are some pictures from the day!

People started arriving at 2pm and we chatted for awhile then got ready for dinner. We enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti bake, potato salad, and Chinese coleslaw (thanks gram!) Riley, Mia & Hailey loved having their own table to eat! They shared food, played musical seats, and cheesed for the camera!

We're so thankful that Hailey has friends her age :) After everyone stuffed themselves we headed outside for presents. The girls were definitely more excited for the kiddie pool than presents, but eventually we coaxed them over. Hailey got so many great presents! Thanks everyone!

We were sooo excited for 101 dalmatian lunchbox!

... and her new baby and crib

(She kept laying down with baby in the crib. How sweet!!)

... and her bike! Papa had a great idea to tote baby around with her! Not just a hat rack! ;)

We had so much fun and are so blessed with so many family and friends! Thanks for coming! More to come I'm sure about our beautiful 2 year old! (Still can't believe it!) I'm so excited to see what's in store for us this coming year!


The Paulk's said...

Happy birthday Hailey! We had a great time seeing you all this weekend--hope to do it again soon!

Britt said...

She is sooo cute!!! Fun party!!! .... and she does look older!