Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 weeks old!

I can't believe our babies are 10 weeks old! That's 33 weeks gestation! They're getting so big! Not much to report this week...which is wonderful!!!!!!!! It's so nice when we call to check on them and it take about 30 seconds! Monday was eye test and ultrasounds and Tuesday they each got their 2 month immunizations. They're just growing and breathing! They have been through so much and this is their break - just grow! :) Take a look at our crew all decked out for the holidays!

Brennan Nicholas 2lb 12oz (birth weight 1lb 4oz)

Brennan is still doing well! He's still trialing between CPAP and nasal cannula. 10 hours on cannula, 2 hours on CPAP. He still has his security blanket of CPAP. If you remember, 2 weeks ago Brennan's newborn screening came back abnormal for Biotindase Deficiency. (Click here for that blog post). Well, Nich & I were tested since it's genetic and we can back normal! Brennan was retested that same time and his levels were still low. They are still giving him Free Biotin 3 tims per day and he'll be retested at 40 weeks gestation. He doesn't have the deficiency, but the extra Biotin won't hurt him. Ok with us! On a non-medical note, Brennan is a hearthrob at 10 weeks old! The nurses are falling in love with him! :) He's just SO CUTE!! They are filling out and looking more and more like cute babies everyday! He looks at you with the cutest expressions!

Landon James 3lb 12oz (birth weight 1lb 7oz)

Yep, you saw that weight right! He's a whole pound bigger than his siblings! Landon is doing great gaining weight, eating about 32cc every 3 hours (Brooklyn is at 25cc and Brennan at 26cc)! He's doing really well on his CPAP too, down to about 30-35% oxygen (21% is equivalent to room air). Dan the PT Man started working with Landon this week. His muscle are a little stiff, but with early intervention, we can help him relax them and make more fluid movements. Landon has 3 different brain issues that put him at a higher risk of cerebral palsy, which is not diagnosed until about 1 year old. The more exercise he gets, the better for his brain to make the right connections. He hasn't been diagnosed with anything and we don't know if anything is wrong, but Nich & I have been looking forward to learning from PT and doing everything we can to help Landon reach his fullest potential. Each of our babies are such miracles and we're so thankful for them! We love them no matter what, and want to do all we can for them! They've done such a great job fighting for their lives, how can we do anything less?! Each of them have a distinct personality that we have fallen in love with! Once you make eye connection with Landon, you can't turn away! He could tell you so much in that moment. He's so loveable!

Mommy feeding Brooklyn for the first time!

Brooklyn Danielle 2lbs 11oz (birth weight 1lb 3.5 oz)

Brooklyn has been so much more awake lately! We'll look over at her and she's just looking all over, taking in her surroundings. I love this stocking picture of her - she's smiling! :) She actually really enjoyed being in the stocking - she was moving her legs up and down like a mermaid! Brooklyn was the first to try a bottle too! She's not quite officially there yet to try it daily, but we gave her a taste and she LOVED it! She took 5cc and they other 20 cc went in her feeding tube. It took a couple minutes to get that little bit down, remembering to breathe and swallow, but she did great! Anytime after 33 weeks gestation they can start trying a bottle when they're on nasal cannula. This is such a big step and we're so proud of her!

Big Sister Hailey!

Each week these three continue to amaze us - God continues to amaze us! They are still supposed to be cooking for another 7 weeks, but they're eating, breathing, getting physical therapy, developing their personalities! God has given them so much strength and resilience, they are learning and developing really well! One of the doctors told me this week that we're in the home stretch, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon we'll all be home! Hailey has been having a rough couple weeks and can't wait until we're all together. She and I decorated our house a little for Christmas on Sunday and she said "Mommy it's almost Christmas time! My babies come home after Christmas!" She is such a great big sister! She might want to send them back once they come home, but right now she can't wait to have us all together! Oh! Something else cute she said - we were in the waiting room in the hospital and a couple walked out with their baby and she said, "Why do they only have one baby?!" She doesn't know any different, we're not the norm! These babies have turned our world upside down, but isn't that what any new addition does? :)


Mary said...

They all ook so sweet in thier stockings. Brooklyn looks so adorable and has the cutest look on her face, the boys are so cute too. And I love Hollys dress. Sending many many prayers your way, thinking about your Katelyn and my Madeline enjoying the Holidays in Heaven.



Britt said...

Jennie - I loved at church today how Hailey was telling people who each baby was in the pictures - I know she can't read so she definately knows which baby is which - I was impressed!!! Love you!!!! I'm giving you a hug tonight and there's nothing you can do about it!

Mary said...

Sorry I meant to write I love Hailey's dress. Can I blame overtired mom brain.


Angie B said...

thanks for the updates! they are truly miracles!

Rebecca said...

love the new pictures of everyone. the babies are adorable! and hailey is so pretty. so happy to hear the great new updates! always thinking of and praying for you all!

The Paulk's said...

Oh such cute pictures of your peanuts in their stockings, they each are a special gift from God! Riley has been asking about Hailey. She misses her. We should Skype sometime so they can know, when you have some spare time ;)!

Angela said...

Wow! What a family! Merry Christmas to All of your babies too! Love the Christmas pic of them all! Hope you're getting some sleep now, cause they will be home soon! I still can't believe they are 10 wks old! Wow!

LIL MAMA said...

the biggest miracles come in the smallest packages!!!!!

sending your family even more blessing ;)

Brooke said...

The babies are looking wonderful. They are so cute in their stockings and getting so big! Nice job, guys! :)