Wednesday, December 23, 2009

12 weeks!

Can you believe your eyes?! I've posted our 12 week update before they hit 13 weeks! :) This is a quick update and I'll hopefully post the 13 week update tomorrow!

The babies are changing everyday. It's been a really busy week - we bought a minivan. Those of you who know me, know that was the last resort - I really don't like them, but it works and fits all of us! PLUS Nich got us a really great deal. Here's a snazzy picture of it, a Buick Terraza. We were able to trade in our other car and for about the same amount!

Hailey was the star in her daycare Christmas program! Singing all the Christmas carols and even did the hand motions! Daddy was a hero and brought up her Christmas dress for the performance and she just glowed! This is such a fun age! Pictures to come (once we get our camera and cord at the same time!)

Brennan Nicholas 3lbs 11oz (birth weight 1lb 4oz)

Brennan has had a great week! While Brooklyn was recovering from surgery and Landon was getting ready to go Tuesday, he and I just hung out. I held him quite a bit, Dan from Physical Therapy stopped by to show me stretches for him, and we got to nurse! He was pretty tired from PT, but once he knew what we were trying to do, he perked right up! The lactation consultant was very impressed with him! So he's up to 1 bottle feed and 1 nursing session each day. Getting bigger and bigger! He's also on nasal cannula 24 hours a day - he's made it almost a week! He's on room air (21%) too, which means he only needs the pressure flow, not the oxygen. We are so proud of him, they continually amaze us!

Landon James 4lbs 9oz (birth weight 1lb 7oz)

He's still our big boy! Landon's up to 41cc of fortified breast milk every 3 hours. He's still eating through his feeding tube and can't start bottle feeding until he's off the ventilator and CPAP. CPAP puts too much air in his belly and he wouldn't be able to suck on the bottle with the breathing tube in his mouth. We'll get there! He is big enough to pop his top though! He's able to keep his temperature up on his own so doesn't need the top of the isolette on. He is much more sensitive than Brooklyn and Brennan so we have to talk quietly around him now that he can hear everything! Here's Landon 1 day post surgery on the ventilator. He had a pretty rough recovery, scared Mommy on Wednesday! He slowly got back up to his ornery self - we love that about him!

Brooklyn Danielle 3lbs 10oz (birth weight 1lb 3.5oz)

Our sweet Brooklyn. This picture really describes her! She's our sweet little girl. When she opens her eyes, she has the most caring looks. She's the easiest to change her diaper (Brennan's the worst!), handled surgery well, and most times seems pretty content! Not too much of an update for Brooke...just doing her thing - feeding and growing!

Each of them are doing great on their own thing - Brennan is our snuggler and doing a great job breathing. Landon is pretty ornery and doing a great job keeping warm and gaining weight. Brooklyn is our bright-eyed active one and doing a great job eating. It's so fun to see their personalities already. We've been bonding with them as much as we can, and really getting to know them. Each day they amaze us...God amazes us! On paper, our kids shouldn't be doing this well. We know why! :) We are so thankful for every poopy diaper, every cry. I'm sure when they're all crying, hungry and poopy we'll want to pull out our hair, but we're thankful!


Rebecca said...

love the great update! praise God! the babies are so sweet. and congrats on the van! looking forward to seeing pics of hailey in her christmas program.

Britt said...

I want to hear the 13 week update!!!! Post it now!! Yeah Babies!!!!

jag said...

I just LOVE your updates! These babies are such miracles!

Angie B said...

yay Growin and growin :)

Jen said...

Awesome update-I'm so glad that they are doing so well! And BIG congrats to Brennan especially for getting to nurse.

The Denby's said...

We are in complete awe of being able to watch God at work, so closely. Can't thank you enough for sharing and for so long. A Blessed Christmas to you all, including your huge extended family thru prayer.

Mary said...

They are doing so well!! YAY BABIES!!! Praying they continue to get bigger & stronger.