Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More ROP...FULL update

Update #2! Landon went down to the OR at 7pm and didn't come back until 11:30pm. Brennan's took 5 hours, Brooklyn's 4 and Landon's 4.5 hours from the time they went down to the OR until they returned to the NICU room. Today was the first day I was able to go down with them and wait in the holding rooms. It was so different, there were families of all ages (well under 18) waiting for all kinds of surgeries. Each baby and I cuddled and waited for surgery together. Both of them fell asleep! When they came back from surgery they were intubated (on a ventilator again) due to the anesthesia. Brooklyn is still pretty sleepy from the drugs and is not ready to breathe on her own yet. She has been Bradying and De-sating (low heart rate and low oxygenation) since she got back and it's mostly due to her just riding the ventilator and letting it do all the work. Landon is still on vent too. They actually had to give him paralyzer to calm him down as they brought him back to the NICU! He was waking up in a matter of minutes! I hope we will be ventilator free tomorrow! Thank you God for enabling the surgeons to have steady hands and help work Your miracles!

Brooklyn came through great! She was first case this morning and actually went down 45 min later. Landon on the other hand went down and came right back up! Shortest laser surgery ever! :) They are way too far behind to keep him down in the treatment rooms so brought him back up to the NICU room to wait. Hopefully he'll go later today if not, first thing tomorrow morning! I'll keep you posted again! :)

This tine we'll get 2 done in one day! Brooklyn and Landon both have Retinapothy of Prematurity (ROP) like Brennan, only there's developed to stage 3 a week later. Here's a link to Brennan's big day and what ROP is all about. (He's doing great by the way!!) Brooklyn is scheduled for laser surgery at 7:45am and Landon will be at 3:30pm. As we're learning in the OR, please start praying at the scheduled time - they may go back a couple hours late! :) This procedure is common among preemies, the three now have 2 surgeries in common! They will have all had this surgery and their PDA ligations, for a total of 9 surgeries to date! Praise God for all he's brought us through and promises to be with us all the time! Please pray for them and us today - Daddy is working and I'm here with them. Will keep you posted! It'll be a long day!


The Denby's said...
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The Denby's said...

Have been praying ever waking moment since I talked to your Mom yesterday...God is Good!
Please, don't feel you have to come to meet us! There's enough on your plate and this is something we can do when things settle down. We know you appreciate all that is sent your way by everyone - we should not be the ones adding to your plate at this time. Besides, we love your family (including Mom & Dad) already and know we've gotten close with your wonderfully done blog!

Quadmama said...

Stopping by from the Multiples and More blog roll. All four of my girls had ROP issues but avoided surgery. Sending some positive vibes your way!

Jenny said...

Jenna Walker gave me your address. So i'll be sending those bottles to you if you still want them!:) let me know! Jennyhasquads (at) yahoodotcom.

jenny B

Angie B said...


Rebecca said...

glad to hear the surgeries went well. praying for recoveries.

The Denby's said...

Thank you, Jesus...You couldn't have blessed these children with a more loving and faithful family! Prayers continue for all.

Mary said...

Just checking in to say how amazing your babies look. I wanted to let you know I have been thinking about all of our little Angels that left us too soon. I know Katelyn is watching over her brothers and sister and cheering them on and giving them strength.

Continued prayers sent your way,