Monday, March 22, 2010

From Pirate to Spiderman

You probably read the title and thought - what?!?! Brennan came through the second (and last!) eye surgery great today! Just came out looking a little funny...

Spiderman! :)

Both of the surgeries he extubated (bot his breathing tube out) in the OR and he's breathing on his own - without cannula! He's woken up well and tolerated the surgery well. The surgeon took a look at his right eye and it seems to be doing good. There's still a little bubble in his eye, but they're hopeful it'll go away and his retina will reattach correctly. His left eye was worse and the prognosis isn't as good, but what do statistics mean to the Pollak?! :) Don't get me wrong we understand the seriousness of what's going on, but there's always the God factor. We're praying for sight!

Also, wanted to share, our local newspaper featured a story on our family this past Sunday on the front page! Here's the link - it was such a great article!


Mary said...

Way to go Brennan we are rooting for you to have no eye troubles in the future. We are praying up a storm.

That article is great! Thanks for sharing it.


The Denby's said...

There is NO WAY anyone could write anything but a GREAT article about this family. What a wonderful example they are!!

Britt said...

Yep - Praying for complete eye sight recovery!!