Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on the Boys

It's so hard to update right now, because things keep changing! But here goes!

Brennan -

He's had a rough start to recovery from surgery. He's still on the ventilator, but finally are able to make progress! Friday night he had another brady non responsive episode and they realized part of his left lung collapsed. He's getting more volume help from the vent to inflate his lungs so that spot will heal. He's also getting lasiks now to help him pee of the extra fluid from surgery. This will help his lungs dry out too and help him breathe better. He's waking up and so feisty! He doesn't want that breathing tube anymore, but doesn't quite get that he has to breathe to lose it! He's gaining some of his weight back through TPN (iv nutrition). Can't wait until he starts eating again!

Landon -

Lots more going with Lando-man. He's working on eating again through a bottle. At first he was really uncoordinated and during our family meeting last week the docs mentioned a Gastrointestinal Tube (Gtube) Last week he was taking about 25cc by bottle and now he's taking about 50-60! We may still consider the Gtube since he already needs surgery for his hernias before he can come home. They did a swallow study on him Friday and realized he's aspirating his fortified breast milk. They tried a couple consistencies and a Neosure/Rice Cereal combo it's what's working. It's pretty thick, like honey, but he's taking it and doing a great job! With the Gtube he would definitely be able to keep working on bottle feeding. It takes him about 45 minutes to finish this and he has 110cc every 3 hours. His surgery (Gtube and hernia or just hernia) will probably be late this week or early next. He's in discharge mode! Slow, but we're finally getting there with Landon! He's going to be quite the handful, but we couldn't be happier!


jag said...

SO much to keep track of and you do so beautifully! Continued prayers for your dudes!

The Denby's said...

So beautiful: I know it's been a very long road but you've all been so awesome thru it all. Really do appreciated the updates.

The Paulk's said...

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how things are going and since we haven't been able to connect it's an easy way to find out! Glad your boys are doing well, what a rollercoaster but I hope gets better soon. I cannot imagine how exhausting it must be going back and forth, working and taking care of Brooklyn and Hailey. Wish I were there to help! Call when you have time :)!

Kendall Gulbernat said...

I think of and pray for you all the time. The twins and I say bedtime prayers for the Pollak family and all the NICU babies. So impressed with your strength. God Bless your Family.

Britt said...

That is wonderful about Landon!! He's coming!

Mary said...

Sending lots of prayers your way. Those boys are fighters and have done so amazing!!