Friday, March 19, 2010

Surgery Pirate

Wow, not posting the day after surgery definitely isn't like me but I've been exhausted and internet-less. A HUGE thank you to Brittney for letting me use her laptop to get this blogging bonanza started!

Here's Brennan getting settled in his cubicle at Beaumont. It's such a beautiful hospital and we feel like he's in great hands! Had to take a picture because they're isolettes are much different from U of M. The nurse said he was pretty fussy when we weren't there and it made it really really hard to leave Thursday night. He went right to sleep when I held him, but had a little trouble getting settled again in his bed.

After much love, here's Brennan all snuggled in! Nich & Brooklyn had left already to get checked in to their hotel while I had a couple minutes by myself with him. This was the first surgery I wouldn't be at, he was in a new hospital and having an uncommon surgery. Not the recipe for a good night. I balled as soon as I got in my car in the parking garage. I called Meme and Lynne who helped talk through my feelings and prayed with me. I am so thankful for such supportive friends!

Our post surgery pirate!

Friday, Brennan had surgery on his right eye as his retina was partially detached. Apparently scar tissue from his ROP (Retinapothy of Prematurity) surgery back in January. This isn't very common, but now statistics don't have much weight with our kids! I had talked with the surgeon prior to surgery and he told me he's let us know how the surgery went. He must have known how nervous I was and called me from the OR letting me know everything went well! We'll need to watch and make sure his retina reattaches itself to his eye and for now infections. It was a laser surgery and he really did great all around - even was extubated before he came back to the NICU! Couldn't asked for a better surgery day! Left eye is scheduled for Monday, but unforunately we don't know what time yet. Look for more updates to come!


Rebecca said...

oh my goodness he is so adorable! so glad the first eye surgery went well.

jag said...

He is precious! Glad the surgery went well. Praying the next one goes equally smooth.

Britt said...

No matter how many surgeries your babies have you still cry - that is amazing mommy-ness! I can't imagine going through that everytime!

Mary said...

We are praying for Brennan's surgery today. He is such a big boy and is doing amazing!!

Mary :)