Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Off to Beaumont he goes!

Brennan's getting prepped to transfer to Beaumont at 0800 hours. I feel like this is a mission - to Beaumont for eye surgery, then back here to learn to eat again and the rest of recovery - then outta here! Mission COMPLETE! Plans as of now is transfer tomorrow morning (Nich will go with him), surgery on one eye Friday then the other Monday. He can come back once he's off the ventilator. MUCH easier to transport a baby who can breathe on his own! We're praying this is his last adventure for awhile! Personally I've been pretty bummed and worn right out, but everyday God is good! This morning Landon took his whole feed by bottle and has done great the rest of the day! Brooklyn has been such a sweetheart too and Hailey's been staying with my family and been so good! We have an enrollment appointment for her for preschool on Friday! (I can't believe she's ready for school!) When we're going through a rough spot, keep our eyes on Him and open for the blessings! That is one really big thing we've learned...don't put God in a box. He's got BIG plans for our kiddo's! Each are rockstars in their own way and keep our family balanced. We continue waking up each day and just love our kids, they're all our blessings!


jag said...

Bless you heart! That's a lot! Praying all goes well:)

Britt said...

They are all a blessing!!! I love your kids and you both!!! - Thanks for the letter in our mail box by the way - I loved getting it as we moved in!

Mary said...

Sending prayers for smooth sailing with the eye surgery. And praying soon all of your family will be home under 1 roof.

You are an amazing family keep up the good work!!!


Mary :)

The Denby's said...

Wonderful meeting your beautiful Brooklyn the other day...I know all the prayers will make them all well enough to do a lot of "meeting". Hang in there knowing God is Holding you every moment.