Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loop the Loop

Brennan's out of surgery and doing really well! Here's a quick recap of what happened.

So, last night about 10pm he started bradycardia (brady's) quite a bit. His heart rate stayed between 60s-90s for about 10-15min at one point. During that time he didn't desat (oxygen saturation drop), didn't have a fever - it was really odd. He was also unresponsive. We could pick up his arm, let go and it would drop. The nurses tried to stim (rub his chest, pinch his foot) to try to get him to respond and he didn't, barely did when they pinched his foot. We were really nervous and the docs were too because they couldn't figure it out. Transferred him to the PICU (Pediatric ICU) where he settled right down. Turns out he was just too cold! Apparently babies brady when they're too cold! Learned something new! We were fortunate to stay last night at the hospital in a nesting room. Unfortunately the only one they had open was room 1 - the room we held Katelyn in while she passed. I think we were too tired for it to be too emotional. Everytime we go past that room we remember though.

There was a cancellation and he got on the OR schedule early. Actually we got in to see him about 9:30 and he went down at 10! Surgery took 4 hours and they were able to remove the obstruction. Turns out when he had the bowel perforation when he was little, the hole attached to another part of the bowel, forming a circle. That spot was inflammed and very narrow, not allowing much through. The detached the bowel loop, removed the scar tissue and some bad bowel, reattached and closed him up! He did great! He's on the ventilator still, but that's precautionary because he got lots of fluid while he was dehydrated and they don't want his lungs to get too wet. He should be recovered in about 1 week! Just in time for eye surgery! :) God is soo good! Thanks everyone for your prayers!!


Jen said...

Glad it went well! Still praying! :)

Britt said...

Ohh my! The poor guy and all those surgeries!! I'm soo glad he came through ok!

Mary said...

Praise be to God!!! We are lifting you all high in prayer. I think you were meant to be in Katelyns room the night before surgery. She is showing she is there watching over her siblings. My Maddie passed away in the room that all my babies ended up in before they came home from the NICU, I figured her spirit stayed in that room to watch her siblings.

We are keeping you in our prayers.



Rebecca said...

wow...what a rollercoaster of events! so glad the surgery went well and brennan is doing good!