Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 weeks!

Time is flying! Our precious babies are 6 weeks old today (29 weeks gestation). I can't believe we're getting closer to 30 weeks! We expected them to be born around this time. Babies are out of pandemic precautions and no one got the H1N1 (except Nich & Hailey who are feeling MUCH better!) We've had an eventful week - good eventful! :)

Brennan Nicholas 1lb 13oz (1lb 4oz)

Our leader of the pack this week! Brennan was put on CPAP Tuesday and is doing great! He is doing more work to breathe on the CPAP than the ventilator so he's not gaining weight as fast as the others. He's working it off! He has been doing great and seems to really enjoy it! He sometimes holds onto the CPAP mask now that he has a firm place to grasp. Hasn't threatened to pull it, just holding it in place. Every couple hours the nurses take off his mask to give his nose a break and massage his ears and head. We just hold a tube blowing oxygen up to his nose and he gets enough oxygen from that, for a couple minutes at least. I also got to hold him for the first time today! More on that in another blog... Brennan has had a great week! Praise God for good days!

Landon James 2lb 3oz (birth weight 1lb 7oz)

Landon, Landon, Landon...well, he's our little chunk! He has had a rough week. He was acting kinda sick a couple days ago (had a fever, lethargic, just not himself) so docs ordered a complete work up - blood, urine, sputum and cerebral spinal fluid cultures to find his bug. He had just stopped all his antibiotics 4 days previous. He ended up getting a respiratory infection that seems a little tricky to get rid of. This boy has been through so much! He need to get a break to recover from all of the infections and lung damage. He is back on breast milk (they stopped it because he was on Dopamine for blood pressure, feeds & that med shouldn't go together). He's getting about 1.5 cc every 3 hours. That's about a drop! It's ok, gotta start somewhere and it's magic milk! Landon has the biggest eyes that I haven't been able to catch on camera. When he looks at you there is just so much love! He's mesmerizing! I just love watching him!

Brooklyn Danielle 1lb 14oz (birth weight 1lb 3.5oz)

Brooklyn is our feeding superstar! She is up to 10cc's every 3 hours and will be gaining weight soon! The nurses gave Brooklyn and Landon a taste of breast milk in their mouths and they went crazy! Yesterday Brooklyn was wiggling around and self extubated (pulled out her own ET tube). Docs decided since she's on such low vent settings, they'd try her on CPAP before reintubating. She tried really hard, but just got too tired. She breathed really fast for 3 hours, then just stopped because she was too tired. They said they'd just try her again in a couple days. She's so close and they think it was just too stressful of a switch that she didn't really get calmed back down. They'll try again in a more controlled move to CPAP. She'll get there when she's ready, she's one determined little girl!

They are making incredible progress! We know for a fact that God has his hands on these kids, helping them grow. Also has His hands on Nich & I, giving us peace that passes all understanding. This week we filled out the paperwork for Katelyn's cremation. It has definitley been bittersweet milestones this week. Just keep praying for strength and peace. There is nothing we can do to bring her back, we need to be strong for Brennan, Landon & Brooklyn. One day we will get to share with them they joys of their sister and the footprints she has left. Everyday I think of her and thank God for the joy she brought us while we were pregnant and the blessing of her short life. This week Katelyn was probably jumping with joy, cheering Brennan on! Brooklyn & Landon's turn soon!! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! We hold on to that!