Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy Halloween from the Pollaks!

Our diva witch-princess-ballerina! So for the last couple years I've bought a costume the year before on clearance to save money. Hasn't been a problem, Hailey loved them...turning 3 and being a diva posed a problem this year. I had bought an adorable witch costume, but she decided she wanted to be a princess ballerina. Thus, the picture above - compromise! Three part costume: original witch dress (witch), a black tutu under it (ballerina) and we added a tiara! (princess) The most adorable witch-princess-ballerina I've seen!

Brennan was a pumpkin! These hats will probably fit everyone next year too!

Landon was a pirate! How fitting! :)

Brooklyn was a candy corn! The nurses said she'd probably fit inside it!

Hailey and Mommy trick or treating! Didn't carry her the entire time...promise! It was getting cold and we all wanted to get back to the car quicker. :) She said "thank you!" to each house, which usually got us an extra scoop in the treats bucket! LOVE having a cutie! :) She wasn't too keen on saying "trick or treat" though. I think she finally did at the last couple houses.

We decided since we all did the work of trick or treating, we'd share the candy! Daddy said Mommy gets 40%, Daddy gets 40% and Hailey gets 20%. She agreed! When we asked if her brothers and sister get any, she said "Nope, they'll go next year and get theirs!" We've already got costume ideas in mind for our three little babies and big sis!

After trick or treating, we met Nich's dad for dinner in Allen Park. Supposed to go to Rhapsody, a Hungarian restaurant, but it was closed. Ruby Tuesday's instead! There weren't many people and we were able to just enjoy ourselves. Hailey sat next to Papa Dan and helped him stir coffee, eat, and play! Here's a pic of Hailey playing peek-a-boo!

Papa Dan, Mommy, Hailey & Daddy (Hailey loves having her picture taken on with the camera timer!)

And a video to top it all off!! Hailey loves dancing! I think these have a little Shirley Temple flair - thanks Grandma Johnson! :)


Ang said...

cuute :)

Tiffany said...

Too cute....all of them! I especially like the candy corn hat!!

The Denby's said...

It's been a long time since we've had trick/treaters...our 27 grand-kids are either too old or to far away. It was a pleasure watching Hailey's night...thanks, "Grandma Johnson", from us, also!

Esther and Brian said...

So super the fact that you got the little ones some Halloween stuff, too! And Goodness- you almost went to a Hungarian restaurant? Did you know that I was born in Hungary??? (my twins are half Hungarian-half American). So exciting to hear that!!!!

jag said...

She is the cutest little thing! The hats were darling. I especially love the pic of you and Hailey going to the door!

Britt said...

She is sooo cute!! I love the candy corn!!
Nich looks skinny in that picture!!