Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lots of pictures! :)

I couldn't think of a clever name for this post! Here's lots of pictures of the kiddo's, each are captioned so you know who's who! The last couple days have been filled with excitement!

Nich caught this great photo of Hailey! She's off before you know it!

Miss Priss herself! We braided her hair so it'd be curly the next day like Mommy's!

Daddy's first time feeding and holding Brennan!

Brennan on nasal canula. He's trying it...3 hours on, 6 hours on CPAP. Way to go Brennan!

Big eyed Landon :)

Daddy holding Landon for the first time!

Mommy holding Landon, first time too!

Landon's having a fit! :) Rocky's a swingin!

Mommy holding Brooklyn for the first time!

Brooklyn sucking on a pacifier!


The Paulk's said...

What sweet pictures and what a special moment to hold your babies for the first time! So glad!!

(Sorry I didn't answer when you called, I was at Mandy's scrapbooking and we don't get service in her basement!)

The Denby's said...

The pictures are awesome, especially the smiles of all! What a privilege to be allowed to have you share this GREATNESS with all of us. Such an honor that the best words can’t be found…prayers have continued but will be enhanced thru out Wednesday. Feel like I’m repeating myself more often than not but I must remind all, including ourselves…Romans 12:12 "Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continue instant in PRAYER." You’ve had to do all, all at the same time and you do it so well.

Amanda Cooper said...

Hi jennie:) You don't know me.. I am trying to learn this whole blog thing it is a requirement at my university for a english comp course:) I thought you were a classmate until i started reading you blogs and it touched my heart:) Your children are beautiful and i am so sorry for your loss. On Oct.7 my best friend of 20years lost her 5 wk old baby Liam Travis Finley.. to SIDS.. Make sure that when you get the babies home to really get educated on this.. I am actually doing a research paper on it and trying to educate new parents and caregivers and pushing new preventions like moniters for all newborns.. It has been really awful.. i have been right by her side through everything and it kills me to see her in this pain holding out her empty arms.. I pray for her everyday that the pain lessens.. I am also now praying for your babies to get healthy and be able to come home happy and healthy. You are so fortunate to have such beautiful babies :) Good luck to you and I hope that you dont mind that i follow your blog..take care and good luck

Mom/Nanny said...

I just sat and stared at the beautiful pictures and the smiles on your faces with tears running down my face. It seemed impossible just a few weeks ago. You and Nich sure make pretty babies!!! I love you all.....

clj said...

thank you Jennie for sharing your journey with us. I have been keeping everyone at MSU updated with your information. They are all praying for your family and are sooo excited for you. They can't wait to get the newest news every Monday in class. This is such exciting news

Britt said...

You do make pretty babies! haha ohh Nanna!!

Rebecca said...

aww...those are beautiful pictures!! thanks for sharing. i can't believe how huge that pacifier looks in brooklyn's mouth!!

jag said...

Landon SO reminds me of our Jack! Fiesty! LOVE IT!

::: said...


It's great seeing the progress of these sweet little ones. And I'm so glad you've been able to hold them.
I've been thinking and praying for you, Nich and Hailey often.
I also love seeing the videos. How precious those little lives are, and it's so cool to see them move and hear them making noises.
As a mom to be, I think I appreciate all this even more. I'll keep praying for the little ones and that they keep doing really well. Blessings on your family!
-Rachel Klein

Angie B said...