Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holding a Baby!!! :)

I think my face has been beaming all day long! This morning when I walked in to visit the kids, Brennan's nurse greeted me then asked if I got to hold him yesterday. I said no, she seemed surprised and I told her I didn't ask. She asked if I wanted to hold him and I don't think she really needed an answer! Of course!!! I've been wanting to hold them since the day they were born, but wanted to do it when they were ready. Today was Brennan and my big day!

Here's super proud Mommy and tiny little Brennan! He's just 3oz shy of 2lbs. It hardly felt like he was in there, but every so often I felt him wriggle around. Just amazing, word's cannot express, just amazing!

I tried to catch some of his little noises on video! Forgive my left handed video, but you can hear him cry! More like squeak! :)

I got to hold him for 1.5 hours and we both did great! I have to admit I was a little nervous holding him, especially on CPAP since when he wriggled, his mask would slip a little and expose a nostril. He just needed to be adjusted, then all was well. We can hold him every other day for now...Daddy gets Saturday's shift. I bet he can't wait! Today one of the nurses was so excited and said, today was the first day holding one of my babies. I knew what she meant and it actually didn't cause me to be upset. I just smiled and remembered holding my sweet Katelyn. This was different, Brennan was squirming and crying! It brought joy back to my arms. Thank you God for Your peace and comfort and allowing me to really enjoy this moment with Brennan!


The Denby's said...

Your smile says it ALL...I have tears of Joy and Thanksgivings for you and your entire family. God Bless!

Rebecca said...

hooray!! your face is glowing with joy! what a beautiful moment!


That is such a great picture of you getting to hold Brennan. Congratulations on that special moment with your son. Hopefully you will get your moment with the others soon as well.


Britt said...

OoOh Jennie that is wonderful!!! I love it! I'm soo excited for Nich!!

King Quads said...

Okay, that one brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you - what an awesome picture of a special day. I can't wait to hear about you holding the other two. Congrats Mom!