Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who's that baby under the CPAP mask?

It's Brooklyn!!! You probably couldn't tell since they look so much alike! :) That's right though, we have 2 beautiful babies on CPAP! This time it was intentional. She's so good at pulling out her tubes that last week she extubated herself (pulled her own breathing tube out), that they decided to try CPAP. She just wasn't ready, but this time she was wiggling around quite a bit and did good on the "sprinting" exercises that we tried again! So far so good!


Brooklyn moving around getting used to CPAP! I just love to watch them move!


Ang said...

yay :)

The Denby's said...
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The Denby's said...

They sure look GREAT in their CPAP's! Certainly much better than I look in mine... :-) It's almost like they are progressing with leaps & bounds. Wonderful and Blessed News.

Rebecca said...

hooray! such great news!!