Friday, September 10, 2010

FABULOUS pictures!

One of our friends Ashley came over a couple days ago to take pictures of the babies - their 1 YEAR pictures! She did a fantastic job!

They all actually feel asleep like this!
Landon - so cute!
Mommy kissing Landon - precious!

Brooklyn has so much spunk!

And a great fashion sense!

Brennan and Landon hanging out

My little darling! Can you believe how cute Hailey is!?

Such a little poser!

She was helping Ashley come up with poses and place to take the pictures! I think she's gonna be part photographer when she grows up!

Also, we wanted to invite you readers to their birthday party! You have meant so much - encouraging, praying, support our family through this incredible year! Thank you! If any of you are interested in coming, please email me or send me a facebook message...I didn't want to put the location or any details online. We want to have a celebration of their life and all that God has brought us through!


Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Angie B said...

amazing pics :) was it ashley mckenney? I am friends with her too. she does an amazing job :)

Rebecca said...

such fun photos!! you have such beautiful children. wish we could come help celebrate!!

Kendall Gulbernat said...

Happy 1st Birthday Brennan, Landon and Brooklyn! What a great milestone. We're right behind you...October 7th. The Gulbernat Twins :) Our mommies had the same due date.

Mommato2miracles said...

Happy birthday precious beautiful babies!!!

Ashley said...

awwww :) We are hoping to make it to the party at 1st naz! :) It was SO MUCH FUN hanging out with your amazing family :) We will have to do it again sometime!!!