Monday, September 20, 2010

Hailey's Second First Day of School!

We're so thankful Hailey got into the full day preschool program and started today! She was one of the experienced preschoolers as she had been going to school for 2 weeks already! She was in Head Start which started just after Labor Day, then we got her waivered into the school district's program. Head Start was a great program, but only half day - 11:30-3:30, right in the middle of the day and made it really hard for Nich to make it to appointments. The school's is full day! This morning we were up bright and early with lunch packed! She got on the bus before I left for work and wondered why it was so dark!

Daddy woke up early to see her off too!

An old pro! She humored me my turning around for a pic. She was the first on the bus and knew just what to do!

Tonight I had to go grocery shopping to pack her lunch and she helped me put everything into the pantry. She's just a big helper! She made a pattern with the 2 different kinds of juice boxes, applesauce, fruit cups - everything! She's got her own part of the shelf and is going to pack her lunch everynight before bed. Well pick out her extras, Daddy's the king of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Hailey even wrote her name on the bottom of the bag! We've just gotta work with her to write in the right direction - she's a true lefty and wants to write right to left. She didn't do too bad though! :)


Melissa B. said...

yay for school! that is so cute. hailey is getting so big!