Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Brennan, Landon and Brooklyn!! What miracles you are! Their birthday was Friday and we didn't really do anything for it, other than their 1 year check up and some pictures. Oh man, never doing a yearly check up with immunizations just before their birthday party! They were grumpy!! 6 shots each and Brennan and Brooklyn have ear infections!

Group shot with our cool custom shirts! We couldn't get 1yr Birthday shirts in 6-9 months!
Brooklyn, Brennan and Landon - birth weights on front

Landon, Brennan and Brooklyn - 1yr weights on back

Brennan Nicholas - 1yr weight: 14lbs 11oz

Landon James - 1yr weight: 21lbs 2oz

Our two little sitters! :)
Brooklyn Danielle - 1yr weight: 15lbs 5oz

A couple weeks ago Hailey and I went shopping for a present for each baby. She picked them out with a particular baby in mind! We let her give her presents before we headed off to the party and she did such a great job helping them open them and showing them how to use everything!

The babies were so thankful for an AWESOME big sis this last year, they bought Hailey a Pillow Pet as thank you gift! She was so happy!

And now the festivities begin!

Birthday candles in banana baby food! Adjusted, they're only 8 months and definitley not ready for cake. We're planning on having a small due date party and letting them enjoy the cake in January!

Group shot eating their birthday lunch!

Brennan enjoying his bananas so much he took control of the bowl!

Landon spitting his out, as usual!

Brooklyn, Miss Independent feeding herself!
We had such a great day with family and friends from all over! Even their primary nurses came for the party! We want to thank EACH ONE OF YOU for all your support for these babies and our family over the last year. What a journey we've been on and we couldn't have done it alone! We are so blessed with such encouragement and these babies have an incredible family of support! God is so good! Another post to come of each of their developments at 1 year, but I have been wiped out this weekend!
You may like: Pollak Quads Birth Story, Brennan's Homecoming, Brooklyn's Homecoming and Landon's Homecoming as a refresher! I know we marveled at how far God has brought them!


Melissa B. said...

aww they are soo cute! they have come so far! God is sooo good.

Britt said...

Happy Birthday Babies!! That had to have been the biggest birthday party I have ever been to... did you get a head count at all? If not you might be able to get a guestament with the pictures I took of the whole room....

Britt said...

I love that Brennan's leg is over top of Landon's in that picture of all of them!! Too cute!!

Suzy said...

Jennie, I am catching up from the posts I missed while we were in Texas. It was SO good to meet you today... I wish you lived nearby. :) After you left, I remembered that you told me how much Landon weighed, and it hit me that I think that's how much Lucy weighs right now. No wonder she is still in 12-month clothing! :) Love the pics of the kids' birthday party ... I smiled at the sight of the banana pudding "cake." Landon was such a sweetie today ... maybe someday I'll be able to meet Brennan and Brooklyn, too. :) Hope you guys had a safe trip home!