Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hailey's First Day of Preschool

It's true!! Hailey started preschool today and she could hardly contain her excitement! She's in the afternoon program so the bus picked her up just after 11am. We were down early so we wouldn't miss it. She came up with a "waiting for the bus" song and sang it over and over as she twirled her backpack and danced around the trees.

My little model posing with her backpack! She picked out her own outfit for the first day - pink leopard skirt, pink punk shirt, teal socks and rainbow leopard shoes. SO cute - thanks Nana!

Cheesing with Daddy! So proud of her!

She wanted us to sit the same way but since we both had skirts on we had to sit lady-like, which is NOT comfortable squatting in front of a tree.

That's all I got before I had to go to work but am so proud of her! She hopped on that bus like a pro - didn't even look back! We had to sign her onto the bus and Nich signed her out when she got off. She still hasn't totally described her day at school but said she had lots of fun, learned stuff and made friends. Hey, I guess that's what's important! I have no idea how she got so mature and such a big girl! LOVE this girl!


Rebecca said...

oh what a cutie she is. she looks so excited about her first day!!

melanie:::adorkable said...

this is amazing! I can hardly believe it--so I can't imagine what you're feeling. :D

And we got the adorable invitation today! Hope we can make it!

Mom/Nanny said...

She was just born last week wasn't she? She was so cute and so grown up! I love that girl!!!

Britt said...

Jennie I just have to say you look beautiful in that last picture!!!

I just know Hailey has to be the cutest kid in her class!!