Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 weeks today!

Happy 2 weeks to our babies!!! :)

Here's pictures that I'm sure you all have been waiting for! Thanks to Britt for lightening them so you can actually see their faces!

Brooklyn Danielle Pollak, 1lb 8oz. (Birth weight 1lb 3 1/2 oz).

Brooke is our eye opening superstar! Her eyes cracked open yesterday afternoon and I was the lucky one to discover it! Today they are all the way open and absolutely beautiful. Yesterday I was saying goodbye because Nick & Britt were waiting in the waiting room, and when I peeled back her isolette curtains, she was looking at me! I just stood there with tears streaming down my face out of love and joy. It was so amazing to connect with her, I can't wait to see the boys! She has been through quite a bit over the last 2 days - her blood pressure and oxygen saturation have been really rocky and she's really keeping her nurses on their toes! This rockiness is because she needs the same surgery Landon had 10/3. It's called a PDA ligation. We thought today was her lucky day, but she got bumped to tomorrow. She's supposed to be the 2nd case tomorrow. That could mean anywhere from late morning to early evening. I'll be waiting, cheering her on!

Landon James Pollak 1lb 12 oz (Birth weight 1lb 7 oz)

Landon is nicknamed "Rocky." Even though he's small, he can throw a mean right hook! Whenever the nurses change his bedding (which is quite a lot since he keeps peeing an ocean on his bed!) they lift him up and he's swinging! He hasn't clocked anyone yet, but he's quite a fighter. Landon has been pretty finicky, he lets his nurses know when he's not happy and shows them he can make his monitor light go off to get that attention! He has been off Dopamine (a blood pressure med) for 2 days - we're just not telling him! :) He did get the same drain Brennan got earlier that week and today they found something growing in it. What was growing is resistant to one of the antibiotics so they had to change up his medicine. Both Brennan & Landon are on a clinical drug trial called Meropenen (I think I spelled that right). This will help with their gut infections. We feel this is a really safe med, it is used in adults and children, just hasn't been approved for preemies. They are keeping a really close eye on them and this study will help the FDA pass the drug treatment for little babies that need it. With Landon, the docs are also worried about his IVH. Both boys have this, Landon's is significantly bigger than Brennan's. All babies are getting Cranial Ultrasounds every couple days to monitor the changes. Landon's preliminary results showed the bleeds to not have changed. His ventricles are slightly bigger and the docs are consulting with Neurosurgery to see what the plans are for him. This is not something that will happen anytime in the near future (meaning the next couple days!), just keeping an eye on it. They ordered daily head circumference measurements to keep an eye on the growth.

Brennan Nicholas Pollak 1lb 5 oz (Birth weight 1lb 4 oz)

Brennan is our tiny consistent one! We need that right now! Over the course of a day, Brennan now has the least amount of changes. Sometimes his oxygen saturation dips, but he generally fixes himself. Surprisingly, he hasn't gained much weight, but the docs aren't concerned. I already mentioned quite a bit above with Landon that applies to both boys - Cranial Ultrasounds, intestinal drains, head circumference measurements, Meropenen. The nurses joked they might move them so they don't copy each other! Once I looked at their monitors to find everything identical! Luckily it was good identical! They can copy each other all day long if it keeps them stable! Brennan is still on the conventional ventilator and doing pretty good on it still! Way to go buddy!

It's so amazing to see them and know they're our little blessings! They are absolutely beautiful! Hailey is obsessed with being a big sister and seeing those babies - I think she see's right through all their tubes and lines and just sees them. That's what we try to do too. I know I talked to many people while I was pregnant about being really nervous to see them with all their tubes, but now I just look at them in awe. They are so beautiful to us, Landon's big head and all! :) We are developing individual relationships with them, and just love to look at them. We are so thankful every single day for our miracles, no matter what we're going through now or the road ahead. I can't imagine anything else! :) It's amazing how God prepares our hearts for what's in store. He can get us through anything if we keep seeking Him. We want to thank EVERYONE for their prayers, cards, emails and notes of encouragement. God is using you to help lift us up and give us strength. We are so thankful for each one of you and your generous hearts! We've never felt so strong and loved! :)


Esther and Brian said...

Thank you so very much for sharing photos of these beautiful miracles! I hope that they grow bigger and stronger each day for you. May God continue to Bless your family...Esther, twin Mamma

Paula said...

Yippee! Another update ... with photos, too! Your precious miracles are covered with many prayers and it sounds like they're doing well. I know the docs are monitoring the IVH ... is there something that can be done to correct it? I know they thought the heart clip thing might help with that????

Keep up the fantastic job that you're doing! We are always checking for news :o)

Tiffany said...

What beautiful eyes! This was a great update. My daughter was born @ 25 weeks and I remember thinking how beautiful she was...even though she was covered with tubes was all skin and bones and covered in black hair! She was "normal" to us as she was our first and we didn't know any better. I look back at those pics today and it still amazes me just how small and strong preemies are! You guys are doing a great job! Sending LOTS of prayers your way!!

The Denby's said...

Thank you again for all you're doing to keep everyone updated...even complete strangers!!I can't say enough about how wonderful your family is. I'm am so thankful for being given the site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As God continues to be with you and watch over you, I'm sure you can feel the multitude of prayers coming from every where.
God Bless

Rebecca said...

what a great update. thank you so much for sharing what's going on with your precious babies. they really are so beautiful. always thinking of and praying for you all!

jag said...

Oh... Your words about your children are so beautiful and really melt my heart. The story of Brooklyn opening her eyes?! AW! It got me. I was tearing up just READING it! I can't even imagine how special it must have been in person!

You are such a special family!

Praying for you LOTS!

Mom/Nanny said...

You have a such a beautiful way of sharing your lives with people. God is truly evident in everything you say and do. There have never been more beautiful or loved babies anywhere. Thank you for the gift of time with Hailey. These are precious days for me that will be in my heart always. I love you.


I love the photos of the babies!! They are all beautiful and thank you for sharing them. My prayers are with you through the loss of Katelyn. I hope they all get bigger and better very soon.

Forever in our thoughts an prayers
Alisha, Jay, Josh and Ryan

Jen said...

Thank you so much for the update with the pictures of your beautiful babies! Glad to hear good news on them all.

Angie B said...

love the updates and pics! sooo precious!!!