Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeding time!!

Brookyln started on breast milk yesterday!! She is taking 1cc (1ml) per hour, every 3 hours. Not much at all, but it's a start! Brennan had a GI test yesterday to check for any strictures in his bowels because of having Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC). They followed Barium through his digestive track and then checked for fluid back up via x-ray. During the test, my sweet boy had his first poop and it was a blowout! Guess everything's working fine! :) He was able to start feeds today, but don't have a picture of it. Landon will have an enema GI test tomorrow at 1pm. If all goes well he may start feeds tomorrow evening or Thursday.

Mommy feeding Brooklyn! Just above her head you can see a brown syringe. I just had to hold it upright so gravity carried the breast milk down her feeding tube. Took about 5 seconds, but I was thrilled!!! Her and Brennan eat every 3 hours at 12, 3, 6, and 9 around the clock. Brennan's was a little delayed since I did Brooklyn first. Not quite sure what I'm gonna do when we throw Landon in the mix! Definitely not a one person job!

We haven't been able to get many pictures of Brooklyn because she's so sensitive to light and touch, but today she was having a great day and I took advantage! :) She got off the JET ventilator and on the conventional and doing most of the work herself! She's breathing 21% oxygen, which is the same as room air! She has been making great progress, and so quickly!

Landon has been much more alert today. Yesterday he had a bug and was pretty lethargic, but he definitely turned around! He had his eyes open most of the day today and I was able to watch him move around and study his surroundings. Again, took advantage of a good day and snapped a pic! :)

Brennan had a great day too, just wasn't very photogenic. That's ok, picture day is Thursday! 5 weeks old and 28 weeks gestation!


The Denby's said...

If there was any doubt about the quote, "A pictures says a thousand words", it is proven in your 1st pic posted tonight...Although your face is away from the camera, we can see and even feel that mile wide smile. Truly beautiful and exciting. Another "thank you" for sharing - with continued prayers!

The Paulk's said...

Congrats, what a big accomplishment!! What a special moment it was for you, I'm sure, to be able to feed them for the first time!

Rebecca said...

oh my goodness, how exciting!! congrats! what a milestone!

Jen said...

That's so exciting that they'll all be on mama milk soon!

Britt said...

I agree with whoever said the first comment! I can see the smile on your face through the back of your head!!! How exciting!!

mary said...

They look so beautiful. What a moment for you. The pictures bring back so many memories from lasst year when we were in the NICU. Continued prayers for all.


Jac Tubre said...

Looking good. Keep the faith momma!