Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick update

Results of the latest cranial ultrasounds....Brennan has had no change in his IVH! Landon, on the other hand, has had a slight increase in the size of his ventricles. If you remember, the last ultrasound showed them slightly decreased so now they're back to the first increased size. They're not any bigger than they have been which is good news, but we thought things were trending down. All of the stress from the pnemothorax and blood pressure inconsistency last weekend probably caused the increase in his bleeds. We probably won't know what areas (if any) of their brain and development will be affected, so we're praying for the best!

Now for the great news...Brooklyn & Landon have pooped! Hooray! A body part is working correctly! :) Funny how the littlest things bring such joy! Landon has been off blood pressure medicine for a couple days and Brennan is almost off (on 2 out of 20 of Dopamine).


The Denby's said...

Wow, change, after change, after change and you all keep up so well. God is Good. These updates are such a treasure to all following your family. Thank you, again and always!

Angie B said...

thanks for the update! praying unceasingly

Rebecca said...

thanks for the update. always praying. and hooray for pooping!