Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random big sister pics!

Hailey came to visit and we got batteries for the camera! :)

Hailey is in charge of our room key. I know, probably shouldn't leave it in the hands of a 3 year old, but she's so careful and being a great help! She carries the key on her ankle - we can always hear her coming! This particular night, she insisted on opening the door with they key still on her leg. Not very effective, but so amusing!

Playing in the waiting room at the hospital. We can only peak in at the babies every once in a while, so we hang out in the waiting room a lot of the day too. With them so fragile, we don't want to be too far if they need anything! Hailey put together a rabbit puzzle - thanks Aunt Sherrie!!

Proud big sis after making bears for her brothers and sister! She got an outfit for her bear too - surprise...a sleeping beauty costume!

Princess Hailey coloring a picture for Katelyn. Last night we made build a bears for Brennan, Landon and Brooklyn and one of nurses suggested Hailey color a picture and we send it to Katelyn on a balloon. It's a pic of Wonderpets colored different shades of pink and she wants it tied to a pink balloon. She thinks Katelyn will tie the balloon to her pink blanket and put her picture on the wall in her bedroom. Her imagination is so precious.

Build-a-Bear pics and Hailey's visit to the hospital pics coming soon! Stay tuned! Oh and those eye opening pics from the last post that I promised! (I can write the blogs at the hospital, but all the pictures are on my computer back at the Ronald McDonald house...that's why pics are always delayed!)


Rebecca said...

hailey is such a cutie! and what a great big sister she is :)

jag said...

She is a doll! I loved these!

Cary said...

it is great to see such a big smile on such a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing such nice moments with us. Can't wait for the eye opening pictures.

Britt said...

She looks like she has grown up soo much!