Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big Girl

This weekend was busy but we had so much fun! Friday night we decided to put Hailey into her big girl bed. Well, it was her same bed but we changed it into the toddler bed part. Since then we have seen a completely different side of her! She is so independent and a "big girl!" Here's a cute pic of her showing off her new bed.

She has done so well with it! We haven't heard any pitter patter of her little feet running around...yet. We practiced with her that she could play in her bed while the lights were on, but she needed to lay down when the lights turned off. Hopefully it continues! Since sleeping in her toddler bed she has become so much more independent in everything! She's way more open to going potty on the potty and wore big girl underwear for most of the day yesterday! She picks out which ones she wants to wear (each time because she's still peeing in them) and grabs them out of her drawer by herself. I think it's going to be easier training her from panties then pull ups because she knows the minute she's wet. She looks at us and says, "I'm peeing Mommy" and we whisk her away to the potty! We're definitely getting there!

Saturday we spent the morning playing and potty training and after nap headed over to the Paulk's. Hailey was so excited to see Riley! She kept asking if we were really going to Riley house, we'd say yes, and she'd yell yea! We're so blessed to have such great friends (us and Hailey!) and we're not too far away. We let the girls play for awhile, then Shelby and I snuck out to Meijer to pick up food for dinner. Nich and Ty did pretty well handling the three kids! Way more work than just Hailey! The girls played some more....and more...and more.

I didn't get a cute picture of the girls, but Hailey sure loved Lincoln! After Riley went to bed Hailey got to play with him and hold him. She'll be such a good big sister some day!

After dinner and bed times the fun began! Nich and Ty watched the new Hulk movie and Shelby and I got to scrapbook! It's so much fun with someone else! :) She's making a book of Riley's family and I was still working on Hailey's book. I got 4 pages done! Amazing how much you can accomplish if you put your mind too it!

Sunday we surprise Nana and Papa and headed up to Flint after church. Of course, Hailey didn't nap the entire drive and passed out after only playing for 1/2 hour at their house. She slept until 5:30! Nana and Papa have my old toy box filled with toys for Hailey and she knows right where to go! She found the dress up dress and became a whole new person! Here's some cute pics and video of her. My little star!

I was helping her jump off the fireplace hearth onto Ceaser's bed. She wouldn't jump by herself, but got such a kick out of it!

Papa was checking to see if the light would come out the other side...

Sweetest video of Hailey singing her heart out! Pay close attention...she slips in "I love Riley!" I love the ta'da at the end too!


Britti said...

umm you didn't tell me you scrapbooked!!! You must show me!!

The Paulk's said...

Hailey did so well with Lincoln :), much better than Ri does sometimes!

Riley loves Hailey back, that was so cute. She is quite the performer! Good thing you got it on video!

I love how your dad is such the typical Grandpa, especially in the picture you posted...I bet Hailey has so much fun with both of your parents!